Furniture Trends to Try

Every room has furniture and every space inevitably plays to trends, but what makes it all come together? Here are a few ways to add intentional style to the furniture choices in your home.

Scallops Add Style

Sometimes, a single design element can make all the difference. Take this eclectic study, for example. By adding a chic scalloped detail to the top of the row of bookshelves, the space becomes instantly layered and interesting. Imagine the room without this shapely element, and the overall look is a little more expected. With it, though, the room comes alive with character.

High-Style Vanity

Treat yourself to a vanity reserved solely for pampering by repurposing a desk. This type of multifunctional living makes a furniture investment something that pays for itself in the long run. Today, a drawered table is used as a vanity, but next year it can easily work in an entryway or dining room when the trends start to shift.

All-Weather Seasonal Silhoutte

Stone and ceramic ottomans and side tables have steadily made their way into the home from our favorite outside spaces. The robust shape and hearty, solid surface makes these pieces natural contenders for high-traffic spaces like living rooms. Top them with a tall glass of lemonade or a vase overflowing with flowers -- nothing is going to hurt this type of all-weather furniture.

X Marks the Spot

The X-shape detail on the base of this transitional dining room table proves that furniture can really come to life when the design goes beyond utilitarian details. The contemporary base shape gives the table a casual yet classic edge and is a trick you can try on any number of furnishings. Whether on a side table, dining chair, or even a headboard, an X is the new mark of excellence.

The Metallic Movement

A renewed interest in metallic finishes has given home furnishings a brand-new look. Whether they appear on side tables or coffee tables, these cool accents help to establish on-trend industrial-chic vibes. A great way to test out the metallic movement in your own home is to start with a curved silhouette that balances the hard quality of the material.

Farmhouse Chic

When it comes to nailing the farmhouse furniture trend, the key is to mix vintage and rustic details with a hint of modernism. A traditional cottage-style rod-back chair, for instance, easily makes a modern statement when painted in a bright teal color. So, too, does a flat-weave, tasseled rug when printed with a contemporary stripe motif.

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Pretty Painted Furniture

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Symmetrical Style

Although furniture silhouettes and specific designs play a huge part in modern trend forecasting, the layout of those accents is also something to consider. Where once an asymmetrical arrangement was the choice style, we're seeing mirror image design becoming more and more popular. Here, a pair of sofas and matching chairs are intentionally cool when situated across from each other in a living room.

Modern Asian Flair

In today's furniture trends, Asian influence has grown in popularity. Clean lines, a natural color palette, a hint of texture -- all of these elements bring the look home in a way that exudes welcome tranquility. Try incorporating contemporary, simplified silhouettes with a calm color scheme and traditional rounded hardware or upholstery fabric.

Base It on Metal

Gold is definitely having another heyday in this contemporary age of home design. Incorporating the luxe finish into things like lighting, tabletop accents, and frames is expected, but why not test the waters in a big way with your furniture instead? This metal X-shape desk base commands undivided attention.

Dresser Turned Nightstand

Gone are the days of the dinky nightstand. Lately, homeowners have been making the most of every bit of precious square footage in the bedroom by adding in a small dresser or even a desk to the side of the bed, both of which offer additional storage and utilitarian possibilities. Anything goes as long as the height of the unit doesn't exceed the height of the mattress by more than 1 or 2 inches.

Impactful Ghost Chairs

For the several seasons, ghost chairs have climbed higher and higher on the design radar. This ultracontemporary seating option celebrates the traditional shape of the Louis XV Armchair but in a way that suits the new millennium. The bonus with this furniture trend comes from the see-through polycarbonate finish, which maximizes visual depth in a space without minimizing seating.

Seeing Double Sofas

Welcome cozy conversation and relaxation with a pair of full-size sofas. If space allows, this new furniture trend is a great way to bend the rules. While you're at it, resist the urge to pair up identical sofas. Complementary shapes and colors bridge the gap between different sofa styles for a finished living or family room that feels both balanced and relaxed.

Blend of Eras

As the world of design continues to collect new trends and fresh shapes, it might become harder to announce a single overarching era of choice. Thus, transitional furniture has become a trend-topping detail. Here, for example, classic armchairs sit nicely around a midcentury tulip table. The look is successful thanks to the neutral color pairing and repetition of curved edges.

Full-Circle Tradition

The problem with chasing trends is that they rarely stay the same for more than a decade. Instead, choose a number of trends that suit your particular taste and style. If you love a modern upholstered headboard, ornate side tables, and cottage design, combine them for the perfect space just for you.

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Looking Through Lattice

Where once simple rod-back chairs ruled in dining room sets, now we're seeing the advent of a new cutout detail: lattice. This elegant, slanted pattern adds intricate interest to a gathering space. The open-weave construction also allows uninterrupted sight lines, which makes a space feel larger than it really is.

Indoor Wicker Seating

Wicker has finally found a way to transcend the seasons, thanks to the introduction of thoughtful, elegant shapes. By incorporating fabrics that feel anything but chintzy, and with silhouettes inspired by already-classic side chairs, wicker has become a welcome addition within the modern home. To ensure that this furniture trend doesn't feel too forced, carry the natural, woven texture throughout the rest of the space in things like rugs and oversize baskets.

Updated Banquette Dining

Casual retro elegance is easily achieved when you rethink and repurpose furniture trends of the past. Here, a modern fabric choice updates a pair of old bamboo dining chairs. By carrying a soft eggshell color from the chairs to the table and pillow fabric, the entire banquette feels pulled together and modern. The synthesis of old and new is irresistible.

Double-Duty Ottoman

These days, a piece of furniture rarely serves just one function. When topped with a solid surface tray, for instance, any type of standard upholstered ottoman can be enjoyed as a side table, too. Here, a pair of trendy gold-and-gray padded ottomans enjoy new life as a place to display flowers, books, and decorative dishes.

Glamour in the Details

The idea of high style often brings to mind an even higher price tag. Luckily, you can think again because it all comes down to the details. The latest fad to hit the designscape is the idea of a glamorous silhouette rather than finish. Here, rounded upholstered dining chairs feel extra elegant thanks to beveled details on the legs and a peekaboo swath of fabric on the back plane.

Bold Pop of Tradition

It seems that a classic, scripted monogram is one element in design that will never go out of style. Give this stately detailing a bit of modern personality with a super saturated color scheme. A luxe shade of fuschia frames this trellis-pattern monogram pillow, making it the perfect representation of today's edgy trends.

Crafty Secondhand Repurposing

Don't feel limited by the established norm. Where once you could only place a classic pedestal table in a dining room surrounded by matching chairs, you now can surround the same table with a set of vintage painted chairs. Think outside the box -- or should we say, the room -- when brainstorming ways to refresh the furniture arrangements in your home.

The Many Faces of Modernism

Resist the urge to pigeonhole the design of any one space with a single furniture trend. A room benefits immensely from layers of competing styles. For example, pair up vintage, rustic elements with clean-lined modern furniture to achieve the type of eclectic elegance you crave.

Blue-Hue Beauty

Wishbone chairs are nothing new to the design scene, but they certainly have been experiencing a resurgence since the rise of midcentury shapes. Update the retro look with a new color, like bright teal. When the rest of the space is sprinkled with some variation of the same hue, the overall look is lively and fun.

Furniture as a Focal Point

It's no secret that a properly placed focal point can make or break a room, but it can often be hard to know where to place it. Instead of making a long-term investment in a focal point that isn't so easy to change (think: cabinet finishes and flooring), try incorporating a bold color in the furniture instead. These bright red stools add personality to this kitchen but can be easily switched out if the trend fades come next season.

Curvy Elegance

Classic curves have been a staple in furniture trends for generations. The latest manifestation of this type of styling comes in the form of mixed eras. Try commingling different styles of furniture that all feature a curvy silhouette. The rounded details bring unlikely pairs together in a way that feels fresh and modern.

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