Tabletop Photo Array

Keep family and friends close by keeping a gathering of favorite images on a table you use regularly.

Skimming the Surface with Style

Baby pictures mix well with wedding photos and other personal items on a bedside table.

Desks, end tables, and side tables all have a few square inches of space to spare for family photos. As a general rule, choose images and frames of a smaller scale to not overwhelm the space. Having a lamp tall enough to shine over all the images is a good idea; it guarantees the pictures will always be seen in their best light.

In a personal space like a bedroom, fill a table full of images that evoke personal memories and give you a warm feeling every day. That includes first pictures of babies who have long since grown.

Modest frames are desktop perfection -- they don't dominate the work area.

For a more public space like a desk, consider pictures that reflect the mood of a workspace: current, open to everyone who passes by, and cheerful. Modest-size frames set images off nicely without creating an overwhelming display.

Mix in a few mementos or favorite items, perhaps a plant or two, to create an eye-pleasing vignette. To keep the images inviting and fresh, occasionally change a few of the photos, and rearrange the cluster of frames.


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