Fun and Fresh Decorating

Plenty of pattern, treasured collectibles and a bit of whimsy bring life to this family home.

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    A Happy Place

    Colorful, pattern-driven, feminine decorating drives the style in this home.The living room is where her family comes together and is filled with favorite finds.

    Stylemaker Tip: Collect along the way. If you fall in love with a pillow, lamp, or other type of accessory, don't think about buying the piece, just get it.

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    Kid-Friendly & Fabulous

    The living room wallpaper features one of teh homeowner's favorite colors, metallic gold. To kid-proof her living room, she covered a white couch with a slipcover that is dark, patterned, and washable. A wood coffee table was also switched out for soft, wipable leather poufs. Precious glass accessories are now kept on high shelves.

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    Zippy Hues

    Pops of color keep the house looking whimsical and inviting. A mint-colored retro snack fridge goes perfectly with color-blocked wooden bowls and teal garland.

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    Balancing Act

    A pattern-filled master bedroom -- with chevron curtains, stripe and polka-dot pillows, and metallic wallpaper -- feels anything but chaotic. The trick? A subdued color palette keeps the room's patterns from competing and creates interest that's easy on the eyes.

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