Stylemaker Secrets: How to Mix Anything

Achieving the perfect mix of things, like masculine and feminine or high- and low-end, can be tricky. So we called on the pros for entries in our unofficial home-based mixology manual. Read on for their recipes for success!

Find Your Bridge Pattern

For beginner pattern mixers, it's often easiest to start with a 'bridge' pattern that you love. Make sure that your bridge pattern has at least four to six colors in it (if not more). Then find two other patterns in different scales, using one or two of the colors in the bridge pattern. Then, find one solid texture that pulls a color from the bridge pattern. 

-- Erin Souder, founder of Grandiflora and blogger

Curate as You Go

To get the perfect mix, I think it's best to take your time. Gradually, you will find things from different travels and shops -- both online and brick-and-mortar -- that show off your style and what you love.

-- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

Rule of Threes

I like to use the rule of threes when pattern mixing -- one large, one medium, and one small-scale print. Try to keep the color palette similar or coordinating throughout to ensure a cohesive look.

-- Britany Simon, designer and HGTV Design Star finalist

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Color Unity

The key to successful mixology is color unity. And I am not talking about matchy matchy colors. Simply select a color palette of about three colors, and play around with the analogous colors in that family. 

-- Darlene Weir, owner and principal interior designer of Fieldstone Hill Design

Go Bold

Stripes are my absolute favorite! I love mixing different stripe sizes together to get a bold look. Stripes also can be paired with feminine patterns (think: polka dots) or something more masculine like gingham and still look gorgeous!

-- Tina Ramchandani, founder of interior design firm Tina Ramchandani Creative and blogger

Pull Spaces Together

I tend to pull spaces and collections together with color. From there, I love unexpected pattern combinations -- things like romantic florals with ethnic-inspired tile prints. 

-- Khristian A. Howell, color and pattern expert

Raid Your Wardrobe

Taking cues from the way you dress is always a good idea. It will help you see what colors, metals, or patterns work well together, and you can intentionally look for them as you decorate your home.

-- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

Mix Masculine and Feminine

I like to use opposites when mixing patterns and often will play with masculine and feminine -- think animal prints with a bold floral, or stripes with polka dots. 

-- Britany Simon, designer and HGTV Design Star finalist

Play with Scale

The trick to mixing patterns is to play with scale. One of my favorite combinations is a thin black and white stripe with a boldly scaled, highly saturated abstract pattern.

-- Sarah Sarna, founder of Sarah Sarna Interior Design and blogger

Have Fun

Once you know your dreamy color palette, have a complete ball with your pattern mixing. No more rules! Other than the rule above all rules: decorate with what you love!

-- Darlene Weir, owner and principal interior designer of Fieldstone Hill Design

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