Stylemaker Secrets: Fake a High-End Look

Add instant sophistication without subtracting heavily from your bank account! Top Stylemakers weigh in on their time-honored tricks for faking pricey perfection at home.

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    Shop Around

    I never judge a store by its logo or storefront. You have no idea what treasures it will hold. I'm constantly finding gems at thrift stores or amazing products on Overstock or other websites, like Country Door. 

    -- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

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    Master the High-Low Mix

    It's all about the high/low mix. Spending money on long-haul items, like a great quality couch, allows you to mix in refurbished thrift items or DIY projects while keeping the whole look entirely upscale.

    -- Erin Souder, founder of Grandiflora and blogger

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    Time-Tested Trick

    Invest in your staple items, but source budget-friendly options for throw pillows and accessories. Together it creates a high-end look that will stand the test of time -- without making you go over budget.

    -- Britany Simon, designer and HGTV Design Star finalist

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    Quality Counts

    Quality is the hallmark of a high-end interior. Furniture and accessories that are made well, and with attention to detail, are what give a space the feeling of grandeur.

    -- Sarah Sarna, founder of Sarah Sarna Interior Design and blogger

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    Get Thrifty

    Shop thrift and flea market. Check out places like eBay and Etsy and Chairish for cool, high-quality vintage pieces that don't break the bank.

    -- Lauren Liess, decorator, textile designer, and blogger

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    Shop Smart: Secondhand Finds

    Learn how to spot the gems while thrifting with these pro tips.

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    Be Open to Change

    Don't be afraid of a little hard work. If your initial purchase isn't exactly what you wanted, be open to repainting, switching out hardware, or changing fabric.

    -- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

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    Use a Scene-Stealer

    Pick one piece to be the "show stealer" and work your room around that piece. This allows your less expensive neutrals to take a supporting role.

    -- Darlene Weir, owner and principal interior designer of Fieldstone Hill Design

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    Midas Touch

    Gold spray paint has become my best friend! I just recently spray-painted a black desk lamp gold and now it looks expensive. It can make the dullest item look like a million dollars.

    -- Kirsten Grove, interior stylist and blogger

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    Balance Good Bones with Budget Pieces

    The key is to make sure the "bones" and main focal points and items that will be used the most are functionally and aesthetically the best choices for that space. Then fill in with great cost-friendly accessories and pillows!

    -- Tina Ramchandani, founder of interior design firm Tina Ramchandani Creative and blogger

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    Less Is More

    Opt for fewer, more expensive items in lieu of their less-expensive look-alikes.

    -- Sarah Sarna, founder of Sarah Sarna Interior Design and blogger

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