Stylemaker Secrets: Easy Upgrades for a Bland Space

When it comes to curing the curse of a bland and boring space, there are always lessons to learn. Whether it's adding books and art or taking a risk with color, these trusted designers share their tricks for breathing life into a plain space.

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    Don't Over-Coordinate

    Don't think 'matchy matchy.' Fill your space with items you truly love and tie them together with color or a specific style. 

    -- Khristian A. Howell, color and pattern expert

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    Bring On the Color

    Add colorful rugs, art and other accessories for an instant pop of fabulousness. Also, plants can make a dead space feel alive again.

    -- Kirsten Grove, interior stylist and blogger

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    Add Pattern

    Learn how to mix patterns like a pro with these must-know designer tricks.

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    Have Go-To Accessories

    Art and books are my go-to accessories. They are an easy way to inject your personality into a space and really bring the design to the next level.

    -- Tina Ramchandani, founder of interior design firm Tina Ramchandani Creative and blogger

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    These days, there are too many design tricks and DIYs to blame a bland space entirely on a lack of money -- so take a risk and make some changes! 

    -- Darlene Weir, owner and principal interior designer of Fieldstone Hill Design

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    Add Family Photos

    Family photos really help to breath life into a space. Don't look for the picture perfect photos, because often the best photos are the candid ones. I have the silliest shots up on my walls with my son, and I get a great big smile every time that I walk past them.

    -- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

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    Decorate with Meaning

    Meaningful, taste-specific accessories instantly make a space feel more personal. Anything with a strong point of view will delight people and give them a sense of who lives there.

    -- Lauren Liess, decorator, textile designer, and blogger

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    Layer in Unexpected Ways

    Layering on pattern and color is stylistically what my design is known for. Having been influenced by so many various cultures over the course of my career, I enjoy mixing and adding these layers in unexpected ways.

    -- Jennifer Mehditash, interior designer and blogger

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    Create a Gallery

    If you are nervous about having large artwork, then go big with a gallery wall and fill a wall with photos. Either go all color or all black and white -- don't mix the two. 

    -- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

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    Get Your Greens

    Plants and flowers are key essentials to all homes. They really help spaces come alive.

    -- Tina Ramchandani, founder of interior design firm Tina Ramchandani Creative and blogger

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    Accent One Wall

    Try an accent wall and a mix of colors in your accent pillows. You will love how much energy it will bring to the room.

    -- Britany Simon, designer and HGTV Design Star finalist

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    Skip the Canned Look

    Don't feel pressured to buy a 'canned' look all out of one store. I believe that if you buy a bunch of things you like, they will all work well together because they have your personality as a common thread. 

    -- Erin Souder, founder of Grandiflora and blogger

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