Stylemaker Secrets: Decorating with Kids

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Decorating a home that houses young children doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on-trend, adult-friendly style. Top experts weigh in on the practical-meets-pretty tricks of the trade that allow you to have your kids and a tastefully designed home, too!

Slipcover the Furniture

Washable slipcovers are incredibly forgiving and stress-free. We have ours fitted tightly for a clean, crisp look.

-- Lauren Liess, decorator, textile designer, and blogger

Choose Easy-Care Surfaces

Look for textiles and finishes that are hardworking: durable, long lasting, washable, and stain-resistant.

-- Sarah Sarna, founder of Sarah Sarna Interior Design and blogger

Use What You Love

Decorate with what you love. If that means adding silk pillows, then go for it knowing in advance that they won't last forever -- and that that is OK. There is no object in your home that is worth fretting over or worth stealing your family's joy.

-- Darlene Weir, owner and principal interior designer of Fieldstone Hill Design

Be Fearless

Go forward and don't be scared! There are always safety measures that can be taken in order to prevent items from falling down, so don't let things like that hold you back.

-- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

Enlist an Ottoman

Use an ottoman as your coffee table. There will be no bumped heads and you'll still have a place to prop your feet and some pretty books.

-- Erin Souder, founder of Grandiflora and blogger

Encourage Young Artists

Kid's art makes the best art! Create a gallery using art that your child created at school or at home. It makes for a colorful, fun wall.

-- Kirsten Grove, interior stylist and blogger

Upgrade Storage

I like to keep toys in fun, coordinating baskets that match the style of each room. This keeps the toys accessible and decor-friendly.

-- Britany Simon, designer and HGTV Design Star finalist

Do a Test Run

When you are nervous about things in the soft goods area, try testing them out first with purchases from a budget-friendly store -- like IKEA -- and see how your kids handle it before going directly to the trade. 

-- Camila Pavone, interior decorator and blogger

Washable is a Plus

Try to stick to washable wall coverings. Sofas with removable cushion covers also are ideal.

-- Britany Simon, designer and HGTV Design Star finalist

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