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    Be You

    Style is about expressing your individuality, taking risks, having fun, and never being afraid to stand out in a crowd.

    -- Deborah Lloyd, Chief Creative Officer, Kate Spade New York

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    Evolving Style

    Style is caring about how you live and how it looks, and putting thought and effort into doing it all with elan. It’s that simple. Remember, style isn’t expensive, but it does take thought and time.

    -- Elaine Griffin, designer

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    Know Where to Start

    Half the battle is knowing how to get started on your decorating project. Watch and get tips from designer Bridgid Coulter.

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    Own It

    Style means being unapologetic in your decorating choices. Own it!

    -- Roxy Owens, Founder of Society Social

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    To the Wall

    Don't be afraid to be bold -- use color and textures. I love texture on the wall from wall upholstery and wallpaper. And paint is your best friend. It can make a dramatic difference, and if it doesn't work out, you can just paint over it again.

    -- Nathan Turner, designer

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    Curate Accessories

    Accessories do a great job of adding a lot of style without emptying your bank account. Carefully selected items like rugs and artwork can bring your decorating to the next level while still staying within your budget.

    -- Estee Stanley, designer and celebrity stylist

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    Order in the House

    Half of what makes pretty look good is order, so start by decluttering. And then relentlessly organize. Honey, it’s hard for style to dwell amid chaos!

    -- Elaine Griffin, designer

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    Take Your Time

    Decorating isn't an instant pastime or a quick fix -- you need to go out and search for things you really love and fill your home with objects that have meaning to you. Great style is achievable on any budget.

    -- Nate Berkus, designer

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    Love Your Essentials

    Every day has enough challenges, so it's worth it to splurge on the items I use most -- knives, dish towels, soap, plates, hangers. I try to find things that do what they are intended to do and do it well, thus making life run more smoothly.

    -- Annie Selke, founder and designer, Pine Cone Hill

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    Picture Perfect

    I'm a huge fan of photography, and I love turning favorite snapshots into art on acrylic trays, photo blocks, and wall frames. Photos add so much personality and style to the walls and can be interchangeable to give a whole new look and feel over time.

    -- Erin Condren, founder, Erin Condren Design

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    All Lit Up

    Good lighting is one of the easiest things to do to elevate your home. Each room should have at least three points of light, and they should never be fluorescent or too bright. Turn off all overhead bulbs and keep your lighting below eye level, on dimmers, and behind shades. Pervasive soft lighting that chases away the shadows and warms the room will make your home extraordinary.

    -- Maxwell Ryan, founder, Apartment Therapy

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    Surrounding Beauty

    I’m a very ruthless editor with what I allow in my home, from the forks I use to the glass I drink water from at night. It’s a very luxurious way to live because I’m surrounded by things that are meaningful. Your home should tell stories, and the way we do that is through our things -- so surround yourself with things that are beautiful.

    -- Nate Berkus

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    Closet Cues

    Incorporate your fashion sense into how you decorate. For me, my home has a more casual, laid-back style -- which is how I dress and reflects who I am. I want it to feel cozy and relaxed when I'm there.

    -- Estee Stanley

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    Style Evolution

    Let your rooms evolve over time. Live in the space a little while before you make big changes so the room has time to speak to you. That way, you can begin creating spaces in your home that not only are beautiful, but also function really well. The only way to know what works and what doesn't is to try it out and give it some time.

    -- Nate Berkus

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