Soft Rooms

Cozy, yet elegant style characterizes these soft rooms. Capture the look in your decor with touchable textures, pale colors, and layers of fabric.

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    Texture's Role

    Touchable fabrics and surfaces are essential to a soft room. Incorporate materials such as flokati, sheepskin, velvet, and silk into your space for extra softness.

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    Soothing and Monochromatic

    Cool colors aren't off-limits in soft rooms. Use pale, subdued shades. Start with an almost-white shade (such as the barely blue hue on the walls in this living room) and take it up a few degrees in other places, such as on upholstered furniture or in art.

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    Layer Fabrics

    Use fabric to soften hard edges. Consider slipcovers for dining room chairs, voluminous drapes around windows, and tapestries along bare walls. Ruffles, tucks, and pleats will all enhance the effect.

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    Enhanced Neutrals

    Soften crisp white trim and wainscoting with warm neutrals such as gray or taupe. Apply the same color to your walls and upholstered furniture to create a soothing monochromatic palette.

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    Shades of White

    Layer different shades of white to create a look that mimics a blanket of freshly fallen snow. Here, white bedding is paired with an antique white upholstered headboard and pale gray walls. Including texture and relying on warm honey-hue wood floors keep the look interesting.

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    Feminine Retreat

    Pair graceful touches with rosy pinks to cast a feminine aura in a bedroom. Here, antique furniture with country French curves and gilded accents enhance the look. 

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    Graceful Curves

    Bathrooms are typically filled with hard surfaces and strong linear elements. Throw in a curve or two to soften the space. Consider a circular or oval mirror, or a curved vanity. Texture can be tricky to include in a bathroom, but consider grass-cloth wallpaper, fluffy towels, or a woven shower curtain.

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    Finding Balance

    Ensure a room doesn't come across as fluffy by finding balance. Incorporate a few shiny metal or glass surfaces amongst curvaceous furniture, textured rugs, and layers of fabric. 

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    Soften Architecture

    While architectural features are an asset, they can come across as severe. In large rooms with vaulted ceilings, employ larger scale upholstered pieces and pad banks of windows with ample curtains.

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    Invite Relaxation

    What's better at the end of a long day than a comfy bed? Pile yours with plenty of pillows, a voluminous duvet, and blankets. An upholstered headboard or canopy will enhance the effect.

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