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We've scoured this year's archives to bring you our favorite rooms. From living rooms to offices to kitchens, see what is inspiring us and how you can get the look, too.

What We Love: A relaxing color palette plus trendy accessories equals a winner of a room. Details from the tufted headboard to the billowy white drapes make this room sing. Ikat bedding introduces color, while silver accents bring the shine.

Get the Look: Strike a balance with trends by using one or two in a room, and keep the rest of your look classic. Here, the ikat bedding and a set of antlers hit two key trends (global patterns and taxidermy), while the furniture -- such as the headboard, X-base bench, and slipper chair -- and simple window treatments and flooring keep the look timeless.

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Secrets to a Beautiful Bedroom

This bedroom designed by Nathan Turner is packed full of decorating ideas you can use. Hear how Nathan created the look and how you can get the look too.

Why We Love It: Trendy yet effortless and oh, so livable, this living room hits every right note, thanks to a mix of timeless pieces and up-to-the-minute accessories such as the ikat pillows, wire table, and driftwood lamp.

Get the Look: Apply white to your major elements (walls, window treatments, and main piece of furniture, such as a sofa). Then layer in the textures -- think nubby jute rugs, lime-washed wood accent tables, and wire-frame pieces.

Why We Love It: Billowy curtains envelop this master bedroom in comfort, while gold (on the curtain rods and light fixture) amps up the glam factor. Plus, the space brings together global, modern, and antique styles for a unique combination that sets it apart.

Get the Look: Don't let your dining room or foyer be the only spaces that reap the benefits of a statement light fixture. Bring the look to your bedroom, too. Along with a wow fixture, mix solid and patterned bedding and one or two suprise elements. Here, antique nightstands and a flokati rug do the trick.

Why We Love It: Seemingly disconnected pieces assemble in perfect harmony, proving that forging your own decorating path and bringing together pieces you love can yield design success. In this living room, a gold lamp coexists with a nubby rope-wrapped end table, a lucite coffee table faces antique chairs with ornately turned spindles, and sweet pastels splash against restrained neutrals.

Get the Look: Don't be afraid to pair Grandma's chairs with sleek and modern pieces. Deliniate strong forms with muted pastels and plenty of white. When bringing together eclectic items, keep in mind design basics, such as balance and proportion, and pattern-mixing principles.

What We Love: Shocking turquoise interrupts streamlined, minimalist cabinetry in this fun kitchen. The science-classroom table repuroposed as an island also contrasts the modern fixtures and sleek surfaces, while honey-hue floors warm up the cool whites and blues.

Get the Look: Be fearless in your materials mix. Start with a foundation of crisp white, add in a bold color, select fixtures and furnishings in contrasting styles that follow your white-plus-color scheme, and then add wood finishes.

Why We Love It: Spa-like serenity teams with an unusual mix of materials to create a bathroom that is both relaxing and appealing to the eyes. Carrara marble tops the centerpiece vanity, which is constructed from cold-rolled steel bars and cedar planks. The design keeps toiletries and decorative items in view.

Get the Look: This bathroom's secret formula is a combination of equal parts refined and raw. For the former, honey onxy flooring, an oversize mirror, and cool stone countertops fill the bill, while industrial-inspired metals and natural finishes stand in hewn contrast.

Why We Love It: Kudos to anyone who can take such a strong color and pull it off flawlessly. Dark wood enveloped this den before buckets of blue paint brought it to life. Painting the walls, trims, and built-ins the same color showcases the architecture.

Get the Look: If you're ready to go bold, keep the color palette simple. While the azure walls are strong, the overall palette is restrained to blues, greens, and black and white. Need a little extra contrast? Pick one color, in one shade, and stick to it. Here, coral pops up on pillows.

What We Love: Country gets a fresh spin in this bedroom. The right amount of rustic keeps the space fresh, as does a muted color palette and an absence of kistch.

Get the Look: If you love country style but need it to have a current bent, follow this room's blueprint. Clad walls in beaded board, but keep the trimwork crisp white. Limit knick-knacks (or eliminate them altogether). Start with a classic palette, but add a punch of fun color. Here, blue, white, and yellow lay the foundation, but orange advances the scheme. Employ antique furnishings, but keep the finishes sleek, such as a matte black four-poster bed.

What We Love: Look up and look down. While this room is impeccably designed, its key to success resides on the floor and hangs from the ceiling. Accessories are simple and the color palette is monochromatic, but a statement rug and eye-catching rope-wrapped light fixture bookend the room in style.

Get the Look: Even in a neutral color palette, colorful items can look right at home. A multicolor striped rug brightens this home office clad in shades of gray. Wood and wicker finish the room in rustic grace.

What We Love: A mix of strong patterns in a palette of blue, yellow, and dusty spearmint brings this lofty family room to life. Reflective surfaces, from the chandelier to the garden-stool end table, give the room sparkle.

Get the Look: Start with a neutral foundation and strong counterpoints as a canvas for mixing patterns. Here, a sable brown sofa and brick fireplace anchor the room, and soft taupe walls act as a visual break from exuberant patterns.

What We Love: In a dining room where monochromatic is done right, wallpaper, weathered wood, and wicker take starring roles. From the reclaimed floors to the ceiling beams, subtle details draw you in and force you to take pause to discover all the hidden treasures in the space.

Get the Look: Choose a range of three neutrals -- light, medium, and dark -- and stick to them. Create visual interest with pattern and texture. Consider a role reversal with paint: Keep the walls white, but paint the trim in your middle neutral.

What We Love: This casual living room knows how to step back and let the accessories and good bones do the work. A U-shape sofa anchors the room, while an an abundance of pillows, a gallery wall of art, and interesting architecture bring the space to life.

Get the Look: The ethos of this room is simplicity. To capture the look, lay a foundation of livable neutrals and furniture that suits your space and needs. Then work in a single layer of accessories, such as a parade of throw pillows and a single gallery wall. Don't be afraid of blank spaces.

What We Love: The farmhouse table lined with bright turquoise chairs says "let's have fun" and creates a welcoming vibe.

Get the Look: Round up a set of mismatched chairs and update them with paint. Lay down a rag rug for the ultimate in down-home comfort. Take the look a step further by incorporating unique industrial/rustic light fixtures and a farmhouse-style trestle table.


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