Need a laugh? These hilarious decorating ideas are the best of the worst.

By Katie Bandurski and Hannah Bruneman
April 19, 2018

We've all fallen victim to embarrassing design trends. Remember when everything was gray and yellow chevron? Or when we took floral to a whole new level with blooms on every surface of our bedroom? It happened to the best of us. Take, for example, this checkered bathroom we once adored. In hindsight, we went a little overboard with a pattern that should have been incorporated sparingly, perhaps as a hand towel or shower curtain. The dizzying wallpaper is proof that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. 

What we need is a bad design graveyard to collect all of these questionable trends. That’s where Please Hate These Things comes in.

The Instagram account, run by interior designer Dina Holland, captures the less-than-perfect side of home design. She posts reader-submitted images of quirky, nonfunctional, and downright ugly decorating choices for her more than 60,000 followers—complete with amazingly snarky captions. The account started with a post on her blog, Honey & Fitz. A roundup of trends she wished would go away quickly picked up the attention of her readers, who couldn't stop sending her design flaws they had personally encountered. Overwhelmed with imagery, Dina began sharing them on Instagram. 

"I could stop doing interior design and make this my full-time job because there is so much bad stuff," Dina joked. "My two biggest pet peeves are excessive use of columns and poorly laid-out windows." If you give a quick scroll through Dina's account, you'll understand exactly what she means. Many of the images she posts are real images of her followers’ homes before renovations. Dina says if you're trying to sell a home, pay attention to the details and keep it simple; any outlandish design could land you on her list of decor woes.

We combed through the Please Hate These Things account to find some of the most atrocious images. Rest assured—Dina said the account is meant for fun, not ridicule. "The number one thing I learned is how subjective design is. No matter how good you think a design is, someone hates it; and what someone thinks is ridiculous, someone else likes." For more, follow Please Hate These Things on Instagram. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Home design is full of dynamic duos that work well together, like shiplap and barnwood or velvet and nailhead trim. But one combo that’s not on the list? Cheetah print and plaid. This home’s exterior breaks all the rules by pairing two over-the-top patterns. What’s worse? Someone painstakingly painted each spot and stripe.

Windows are great for highlighting architecture and letting in natural light—until they completely ruin a space. This salmon-color entryway features a way-too-tall arched window and impractically long blinds. Poorly placed artwork and enormous bouquets of fake flowers complete the devastating look.

This bathroom design quite literally put its best foot forward. The shoe-shape toilet joins a sparkling black seat for a bathroom unlike any other. The walls and floor are outfitted in bold purple tiles, with a chair rail of cheetah print to top it all off. Any guesses where the handle is located?

Backsplash tile lets you add both style and function to a kitchen. But this room takes it to another level. In addition to its floor-to-ceiling application, tile invades the space of base cabinet drawers.

Oh, you wanted to watch TV? Too bad. Tucked into a base cabinet of this living room's expansive built-in shelving, the television placement proves vision and execution don't always align.

We don’t like to waste things either, but sometimes it’s better to let extra tiles simply stay as remnants. This waterfall effect made with mosaic glass tiles is creative, but won’t make the list for our top 10 design trends to follow.


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