7 Pet-Friendly Interior Design Ideas Your Furry Friend Will Love

Use these "Barkitecture" design ideas to meet Fluffy and Fido's needs in style.

Pets eat, sleep, and relax in our homes just like we do, but most of the time, our decorating and design decisions tend to revolve around the human inhabitants of the house. Now, as more and more households welcome four-legged companions into the family, that might be starting to change. Just as you might refresh your home in anticipation of a new baby or as a child grows up, pet parents are increasingly seeking out features that put their furry friends at the forefront. Pinterest calls this trend "barkitecture," and it's poised to be huge in 2022.

Pet-friendly interior design aims to accommodate the comings and goings of our animals, often through custom built-ins and special features designated for feeding times, baths, naps, and more. Ensure the furry members of the family feel at home with these ideas for stylishly incorporating pet-friendly features into your living spaces.

goldendoodle dog bed under-counter nook pet bath storage baskets
Tessa Neustadt

1. All-in-One Pet Station

A variety of smart features turn a corner of this laundry room into an all-in-one pet zone. Nixing a cabinet in the corner created space for the dog's bed, while a low drawer pulls out to reveal the cat's food bowls. A feeding station around the corner includes a spigot for easy water-bowl refills.

table with pet food station at bottom
Michael Partenio

2. Built-In Food Bowls

An extension of the island forms a built-in feeding station in this kitchen. Metal food and water bowls fit into custom slots, keeping them in place and out of the flow of traffic. Airtight glass canisters store pet food and treats nearby. Above, a table-height countertop provides a handy spot to drop leashes and other essentials.

drawer in kitchen for cat food and water
Tria Giovan

3. Pull-Out Cat Drawer

Try this simple solution to keep the cat's food bowls out of the way and safe from other pets. Repurpose a shallow toe-kick drawer to create a slide-out feeding station in the kitchen. Here, the cat's food and other supplies are stored in the cabinet directly above for added convenience.

dog bed cupboard next to laundry
Christopher A. Lee

4. Hidden Dog Bed

Not sure where to keep your pet's bed? Consider reworking a cabinet in the laundry room or kitchen into a cozy nook for afternoon naps or nighttime snoozes. Here, a corner cabinet becomes a kennel when outfitted with a plush dog bed and a wire mesh door.

two dogs in a shower washroom
Jay Wilde

5. Pet-Washing Station

Streamline bath time with a shower specially designed for your pet. Covered in easy-to-clean subway tile, this dog-washing station includes a raised floor, a handheld sprayer, and a storage niche that holds pet shampoo. Framed photos of the pooches personalize the walls above.

cat laying in bed attached to wall
Brian Anderson

6. Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

Skip bulky cat trees and mount a comfy perch directly to the wall. Choose a sturdy basket and screw it into the wall using extra-large washers, which help distribute the weight and limit wear on the basket's fibers. Line the interior with a soft blanket to create a snug spot for your cat to survey the room.

built in cabinets with dog bed
Werner Straube

7. Full-Size Pet Station

For large dogs, a single cabinet isn't going to cut it. These owners carved out space for their labrador's bed between built-ins in the mudroom. A painted frame and neutral fabric unite the bed with the rest of the cabinetry, which houses pet food, toys, and other essentials.

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