23 Pattern Trends We Love in Home Decor

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Patterns are an easy way to bring some personality into your space. From classic checks to colorful abstracts, you can add pops of style with throw pillows, rugs, curtains, duvets, or even wall hangings.

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Buffalo Check


When it comes to plaid, what's old is new again. Classic buffalo check is trendier than ever thanks to its availability in a wide variety of shades and scales. Here, an oversize buffalo check print pairs prettily with small shimmering polka dots for a feminine twist on the holiday-favorite pattern.

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Everything's coming up ethereal with today's kaleidoscope prints. The not-so-subtle pattern brings symmetry to a space and can be achieved in scales small and large. Opt for a floral print to soften the look.

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blue couch

Seeking a print that exudes elegance? Incorporate the sophistication of quatrefoil, a pattern that resembles four cloverlike edges, into furniture and accessories for a soft and chic alternative to angular geometrics.

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Color Story

Hexagons, diamonds, and triangles -- oh, my! These angular figures hearken back to our eighth-grade math class, but we promise, they're way more fun this time around. (You won't have to recall the Pythagorean Theorem.) They lend a modern edge to a space but pair nicely with less angular patterns, such as florals.

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Why We Love Geometrics

Watch and see how versatile geometrics can be. You're bound to find a look to love.

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Pink beige bedroom

Banana leaves, ferns, palm leaves -- graphic plant prints continue to evolve to fit modern decor, with few exceptions in specie type. Incorporate an abstract botanical print on bedding for a sweet and subtle look, or try a bold banana-leaf print on pillows, wallpaper, or artwork to keep things contemporary.

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Retro Futurism

Modern Stencil

We love a good throwback. Large-scale prints with ephemeral color schemes and shapely patterns beckon to decades past. This diamondesque wall treatment and funky chair fabric evoke prints worthy of the Atomic Age.

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family room

Give a nod to nature with Southwestern-style prints. Next to natural elements, like wood, rope, and leather, they hearken the beauty of the desert, and look equally stunning in living areas and utilitarian spaces. Vibrant diamonds on this area rug offer interest to an otherwise neutral room.

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kitchen and family room

Watercolor takes an abstract turn with this fluid pattern, but it's not limited to just art. Here, the simple throw pillow matches the tone of the sofa and dresses up the solid upholstery.

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Greek Key


The Greek key pattern has been around since the days of its ancient namesake civilization and you'll find it used in today's buildings that follow the classic architectural order. But it's also popping up on home accessories and fabrics and we love this fresh application of an ancient motif. The meandering motif gets a contemporary update in this bedroom's soft purple wall treatment.

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Animal Print

living room

In a color- and pattern-filled room, add in animal prints for a trendy update. They are incredibly versatile and read almost like a neutral, especially when it's a tone-on-tone animal print. When mixed in with other prints, it can end up being the most subdued of the pack.

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We just can't quit this pattern. While trellis is popular now, it's classic enough to go the distance. These green-and-white trellis-pattern curtains evoke the feeling of an English garden no matter the time of year or the temperature outside. Paired with an otherwise neutral palette, these curtains bring this room to life.

Pattern Tip: Repeat the colors from your patterns throughout the room for a cohesive, coordinated look.

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Block Prints

living room with fireplace

With an artisan look, these block prints fit into the handmade ethos presently permeating home decor trends. They can be geometric or more naturally inspired (think leaves and vines) and are typically colored patterns on a white background.

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Move over, chevron, there's a new linear geometric in town and its name is herringbone. A mainstay in men's suiting, the pattern is popping up in very structured formats, but also more fluid, hand-drawn looks.

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green chair

Another pattern we can't get enough of? Ikat. This global pattern has become a mainstay and you'll find it in a variety of colors and pattern variations.

Pattern Tip: If you find a pattern you love, don't be afraid to go all out, such as with an upholstered piece. Hesitant to commit? Go for easy-to-change accents, such as throw pillows.

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Modern Florals


Reject every 1990s floral stereotype you have running through your head when you hear floral. The patterns you'll find on shelves now are fresh, fun, modern, but still feminine. Here, the rainbow color scheme of the built-in bookcase is perfectly matched with the modern floral throw pillow on the chair. The mix of colorful elements both old and new keeps this room feeling fresh and lively, without being overwhelming.

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Hand-Drawn Designs


We love the handmade look of patterns that appear to be drawn by hand. Plus, it's a pattern you can do yourself. Grab some markers and start drawing and doodling. A few tips: Mark your lines in pencil first and practice on scrap wood or fabric before you begin your project.

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Irregular Polka Dots

Living Room 6

Kid-favorite polka dots get a sophisticated makeover with this take on the pattern. The irregular look resembles the also trending animal patterns (of the leopard and cheetah variety) as well as the hot hand-drawn take on patterns.

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Tribal Patterns

living room

One of the best parts about many tribal patterns is that they include a range of colors. Like florals, they can help pull together other elements in your room or introduce completely new colors like the pillow on this sofa. It matches the blue from one of the paintings and mirrors the warm colors of the flower still life and other pillows.

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In Action: Scaled for Style

blue and purple bedroom

Once you've become comfortable adding patterns to your decor, go all out and start layering them into the room. To keep the mixing and matching from being overwhelming, follow the example of this room and stick to a defined color palette while playing with scale. And make sure the patterns have something in common: Each of these involves one or two bold colors and white background.

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Pattern in Action: Master Mixing

Watch and see more tips for mastering the art of pattern mixing from designer Bridgid Coulter.

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Pattern in Action: Accessorize

Color Story

You might immediately think of upholstery or other textiles when you think about adding patterns to your decor. But don't discount unexpected elements like lamps, tables, and even larger furniture. This brushstroke-pattern lamp base is a perfect example of how to add patterned accessories.

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Pattern in Action: Statement Print

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Even in a formal room like a dining room you can still mix in a statement pattern. The navy-and-white ikat curtains repeat the colors found elsewhere in the room, creating a coordinated, but still interesting, look.

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