Flowers and incense are essential.

By Christine LennonJustin CoitJessica Thomas and Scott Horne
August 09, 2019

Marie Kondo—organization expert, TV star, and author of the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Upbelieves every possession should spark joy. "A tidy home is filled only with items you cherish, and I believe people thrive creatively in these circumstances," she says. "For me, tidying is also part of my creative process. Keeping my hands busy helps my mind find stillness." So how does the decluttering professional streamline her own life?

women practicing yoga meditation
Credit: Justin Coit

1. Yoga and Meditation

Marie believes in clearing the mind along with the home. Her personal prescription is yoga and meditation.

marie kondo working with incense stick
holding purple crystals in hands
Left: Credit: Justin Coit
Right: Credit: Justin Coit

2. Lighting Incense

She likes to start each day by opening the windows and lighting incense. A tray of crystals, like this amethyst, sits on her bedside table.

stacked bento boxes
Credit: Justin Coit

3. Meal Prep

She packs her kids' lunches in bento boxes divided by cupcake liners and wrapped in a type of Japanese cloth called furoshiki.

women arranging flowers
Credit: Justin Coit

4. Arranging Flowers

Having flowers throughout her house not only adds color but also "serves as a reminder to live in the moment," Marie says. Arranging flowers is one of her favorite ways to get creative.

boxes lids still life
folded clothes still life
Left: Credit: Justin Coit
Right: Credit: Justin Coit

5. Organizing Drawers

Marie recycles small boxes as drawer organizers and lines them with decorative papers. Folding clothes into packets and storing them upright in a drawer is a key part of her tidying method.

"It's important when it comes to creative hobbies that all the tools you use are stored in a way that sparks joy. It should be neatly categorized, and anything that could be stood upright should be done so. I always recommend storing things vertically so you can immediately see where everything is. That way you can get started right away. If you have to search for the things you need, you are wasting time."

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February 5, 2020
I do like her ideas, but I am especially glad to see here using the little boxes and lids to separate and organize dresser drawers. I learned this trick from my mother some 50 odd years ago. You utilize what you have, that will do the same thing as a possibly expensive store bought item. And if they are not as pretty as you like, well then you can cover them with left-over wrapping paper, etc.!! I also do this to organize my desk and kitchen drawers..........cereal boxes, cut down and covered do the same trick as purchased magazine holders.......the sky is the limit...........just make sure it is pleasing on the eye!! Thank you!!