Lucite: Clearly In Love

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See what we did there? Translucent Lucite brings a whole lot of freshness to any space. While it's a modern material, Lucite furniture, accessories and accents have a place in almost any style of decor.

In Plain Sight

In a room filled with interesting pieces and colors, a Lucite piece keeps up with the visual variety, but helps avoid extra visual clutter. This comfortable space expertly avoids any tendency toward frumpiness thanks to unique details including an oversize letter on the wall, bright pillows on the sofa, and a beauty of a Lucite table set atop the coziest rug.

Shine On

Lucite plays well with other shiny materials to help pull a room’s look together. In this living room, a metal-framed armchair and lamp, plus a glass top end table and overhead light fixture, all sparkle on the outskirts of the room, while the Lucite table visually connects them all from its core.  

Mix It Up

Lucite plays well with a variety of materials, including those that lean a little country or rustic. Here, it sits well with the brick floor, weathered wood table, linen curtains, and lantern light fixtures. The sleek profile and translucent characteristic of the chairs creates unique juxtaposition against the other materials in the dining room.

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Consider Surroundings

Because Lucite is transparent, consider the patterns that show through it when deciding what to place on it. Take the items on this table, for instance. The brown shell blends in with the nearby upholstery and carpet, while the bright blue container pops out against them.

Light & Happy

Lucite adds a certain lightness to any room. If these chairs had brown legs, like the floor they're set upon, they may well have felt too heavy for this sunny nook. But since they're Lucite, they all but float, and even add a happy little sparkle in the right light.

Modern Glamour

Lucite brings a sophisticated edge to eclectic ensembles, especially when paired with luxurious velvet, as shown here. These Lucite end tables shine right alongside the decadent fringed and tufted sectional, and elevate the flower-print ottoman in a way no typical wooden end tables ever could.

Disappearing Act

Lucite is known for its ability to add a little something to a space in a very unassuming way. This small table, for example, creates a handy sliver of horizontal space for work or drinks. Yet, it can tuck under the couch when not in use and all but disappear.

Under & Over

Translucent Lucite tables are so open and airy that they tend to spotlight anything you decide to place underneath them or atop them. This Lucite entryway table uses that quality to its advantage with a cool stacked trio of vintage suitcases, which end up being much more prominent than the table itself.

Sweet Seat

We give you: the Ghost chair - the classic Louis XV armchair reimagined in Lucite. It offers the suggestion of an antique in a clearly modern chair. This helps it easily add playfulness to elegant rooms, or, on the flip side, lend a little sophistication to fun, casual spaces like this one.

Smooth Transition

In some instances, Lucite commands attention. In others, it disappear into the background, as in this space, where smoky gray Lucite stools soften the transition from kitchen to living space. Touches of glass -- in the light fixture, the bottle collection, and even the lamp base -- help the stools blend into their surroundings, rather than stand out.

Just a Hint

When you run across touches of Lucite in unexpected places it adds a special sparkle to a room. Cool see-through accessories to consider include shelves, magazine racks, decorative bowls, trays and wall art, or drawer handles, like this one, which lends sleek modernity to any color cabinet.

Chameleonlike Tendencies

One thing you have working in your favor when experimenting with Lucite is that it tends to take on the vibe of the room it’s in. It’s sleek and elegant when plopped amid a space full of metals and black, or relaxed and fun when anchoring colorful and casual beach-inspired decor, as in this.

Consider Scale

Sometimes, you need a need a nice, substantial table or a substantial piece to hold its own amid weighty surroundings. In such instances, skip the wispy-thin Lucite models in favor of a thicker piece with a strong base. It’s a lighter alternative to wood or stone, but still carries visual substance.

Modern Elegance

Lucite can have a place, even in the most formal and traditional of dining rooms. Here, Lucite chairs mingle with traditional upholstered-wood versions. The chandelier, both glitzy and classic, helps tie things together, while soft materials and muted colors create a warm and chic backdrop.

Sparkle & Shine

In a room full of windows, a Lucite piece can further advance the sparkle they provide. Here, a low-lying Lucite coffee table subtly mimics the window's clear sparkle. Fun throw pillows in a variety of patterns and colors tug your attention towards the view.

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