Stylemaker Secrets: How to Mix Vintage & Modern

After making cleaning tools cool with Alice Supply Company, cofounder Raili Clasen turned her modern-but-vintage aesthetic on interiors. See how she expertly blends old and new in her own ranch house.

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    A Place to Call Home

    A combination of modern and rustic, with a splash of quirkiness -- that's how Raili describes her decorating style. To complement her home's fuss-free yet charming architecture, which includes exposed beams, unfinished floors, and barn doors, she filled the relaxed rooms with an inspired blend of well-worn furnishings and contemporary accents. 

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    Well-Worn Charms

    The best thing about Raili's living room? "A big, soft, I-want-to-take-a-nap-on-you sofa," she says. It's also the perfect partner for an antique Persian rug and rustic coffee table.

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    Cooly Collected

    Raili cushioned a vintage picnic bench in her dining room with a wool blanket lashed with belts from her closet. The chandelier, made from shed antlers, was a splurge. "I don't collect art," she says. "I collect light fixtures."

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    Retro Sensibility

    Raili's retro-cool sensibility is evident in the kitchen, where chunky, clean-edge countertops update nostalgic farmhouse style. Its sleek features live comfortably alongside a weathered farm table surrounded by vintage Bentwood dining chairs, a blanket-wrapped picnic bench, and a chipped milking stool. 

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    Good Word

    The letters proudly displayed above the cabinets were Raili's first buy for the house. "They say everything I felt about reviving this place," she says.

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    Pendants with Panache

    Splashy yellow pendants suspended from the dramatic vaulted ceiling illuminate the island. The retro-style fixtures brightly contrast the kitchen's sleek, modern aesthetic and muted colors while drawing eyes upward. 

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    Farmhouse Chic

    Even bedrooms are cozied with vintage furnishings and then energized with colorful prints. A burlap shade and red ticking create a vintage farmhouse aesthetic in the master bedroom, while a yellow throw and blue accent pillows modernize the mix.

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    Art with Impact

    "I've collected vintage Western paintings for so long," Raili says. Some hang near her fireplace, grouped for impact. And speaking of impact -- Raili just couldn't resist a little of it in the nearby niche that stores firewood: The ends of some pieces are playfully painted red and yellow.

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    Salvaged Style

    In the guest room, salvaged wood creates a warm backdrop for the iron bed, an antique that's been in Raili's family for decades. To match the bed's height, Raili chose a ladder to sub for a bedside table.

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    High Contrast

    Slick industrial elements contrast with an old farm stool in the subway tile-lined bathroom. Yellow accents introduce a happy note and instantly capture views.

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