Stylemaker Secrets: How to Decorate with Collections

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Whether you're a world traveler or flea-market fanatic, or you simply want to showcase your passions, our Stylemakers share their favorite ways to create collected-over-time appeal.

Mix and Match Styles

Los Angeles designer Kim Myles has modern, eclectic, global style. By selecting pieces with global prints and combining them with futuristic elements, the TV host and HGTV Design Star winner is able to successfully merge the styles.

Pair Meaningful Objects

"Decorate with objects that have personal meaning. This glass collection includes pieces from my mom and grandmother. It connects me with my family."

-- Kim Myles

Push the Envelope

In her living room, golden lamps and silk tassles glam up white metal lockers. The cowboy print was a find that Kim and her husband both enjoy.

"I like space that has a little tension. We love that it's totally unexpected."

--Kim Myles

Nod to Fashion

"When people are in doubt about decorating, I say, 'Open up your closet and be inspired.' "

--Barri Leiner Grant, stylist, author, co-owner of M&B Vintage, and contributor to Home Rules with Nate Berkus.

Make Memories

Barri hung silhouettes of her daughters, her husband, and a thrift store find to constantly remind her of the people she loves most. Plus, the silhouettes add a chic, graphic touch to the plain white wall.

Use What You Have

Books Barri's family reads, family photographs, and other sentimental trinkets come together to form a one-of-a-kind armoire display.

Incorporate Character

"Old furniture carries spirit with it. I like interplay between modern and traditional."

--Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy

Juxtapose Old and New

With traditional furniture, create contrast by adding bright, modern art to a space. Here, white plank walls and a white ceiling keep the small space feeling airy and light, while the pastel artwork brings in just the right amount of color.

Establish a Theme

To create a sense of flow, look for artwork with a theme. Here, vintage Western images come together to make a focal point on an otherwise blank wall.

The Art of Stacking

In bookcases or on top of coffee tables, stacking objects can add depth and visual interest. Choose your favorite novels, or the ones with the prettiest covers, and combine them with photos, paperweights, or other household mementos to make a collection worth noticing.

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