Congratulations! You've found love! The bread to your butter. The ying to your yang. Now it's time to get decorating. Here's how to blend both of your styles.

By Jennifer Stagg
August 20, 2018
Blue master bedroom

You've found the one! Now it's time to start blending your styles. At a loss? Don't fret. These simple tips will help you create a home that fits both of you.

Make It Yours, Together

Furniture Makeovers

As a couple, decide which pieces of both of yours stay, and what goes. It can't be all him or all you. Is there a family heirloom or item one of you just loves? Find a way to incorporate it into your new home. Why not give an old piece a makeover, like painting a dresser, so it gets a new life.

Get Sentimental

Retro Revival House Tour

A well-designed home reflects the lives and style of the people who live there. Are there sentimental items you can use for styling? That's not to say his championship softball trophy needs to sit prominently on the mantel. Why not use treasures from travels or childhood to style bookshelves? It will make you both smile every time you pass them.

Go Fifty-Fifty

White provides a clean and fresh palette to start mixing two styles. Try a fifty-fifty rule. For every item of his you put in a space, add one of yours. The key is making sure the colors and textures play well with each other.

Compromise on Color

Bedroom Color Schemes

Some people just aren't on board with an all pink-and-floral master bedroom. When creating a shared space, consider both parties. Try blue as  a base color; blue easily translates to both feminine and masculine styles.

Embrace Dark Furniture

If you're trying to mix masculine and feminine styles, try adding some rich, dark furniture in a setting with floral pillows or pretty lamps. 

The key to any cohesive room is adding in a little of both of you. It will be a fun challenge to incorporate both of your belongings.


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