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These bright rooms will make you smile! Get inspired to incorporate some of these classic and colorful ideas into your home.

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    Rise and Lime

    When the name of a paint color is Frolic, you know it's a cheerful hue. Crisp whites balance the bold lime wall color, while pink accents make it playful. Light-color flooring and all-white furniture keep this bedroom fresh.


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    Bold Balance

    An attention-grabbing shade of orange sets the stage in this living room. Underfoot, the rug is another bold choice, but the room feels bright and cheery thanks to neutral furniture and crisp white trim.

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    Cheerful Cottage Escape

    Comfortable cottage style is the perfect choice for a bedroom. Painted paneled walls in a clean aqua evoke a beach feeling, while yellow and white stripes on the duvet are the perfect accents. A floral art piece and a weathered side table bring the room's friendly style together.


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    Busy Breakfast Nook

    Around the whitewashed dining table, chairs and a banquette provide plenty of seating. The green cabinets maximize this breakfast nook's storage and style. A variety of fabrics ties the color palette together and creates a cohesive look.

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    Be Confident with Color

    Get expert tips for choosing colors with confidence. It's easier than you think!

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    Perfect Pairing

    A coat of spring-green paint brings this room together, marrying the warm yellows in the chair upholstery and pottery with the lush greens of plants and accessories. Every accessory features a varying shade of green or yellow, creating a casual and chic style statement.

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    Layer On Color

    Everything in this room is neutral except for the accessories, which creates a vibrant look that is easily updated. Blue and orange accents in varying shades and saturations dot the room, making it a playful space.

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    All the Right Accessories

    This feel-good living room has a perfect mix of color and character. By keeping the art and accessories classic and neutral, the colorful furniture can shine. Instead of a traditional coffee table, an upholstered ottoman in the room's signature apple green ties the decor together and invites you to kick up your feet.

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    Perfect for Play

    With just as much white as color, this playroom is a happy space. Playful patterns in sherbet pink, lime green, and sunshine yellow outfit the sitting area, while solid bins in every color of the rainbow add storage to the play area beyond. With the busy prints on the furniture, the walls are left unadorned.

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    Floral Fun

    Drapery fabric enlivened with orange-center flowers infuses this guest bedroom with boisterous personality. Splashes of teal paint on the window casings create an indoor-out feeling in this coastal bedroom. The intensity of the colors makes the room feel fun, while the white paneling and light-color walls add visual relief.

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    Punch of Color

    In a mostly white room, pops of color make big impact. Striped walls add depth to the playroom, while a collection of orange and green throw pillows feels playful. Simple white frames and neutral mats showcase a curated collection of art.

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    Fresh-Picked Palette

    The room's color palette is pulled from the floral pillows on the bed, which is a simple way to combine colors for a cohesive look. Layering a bright rug over neutral carpet grounds the bed, as a small gallery of contemporary art above the bed creates a focal point.

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    Sherbet Dreams

    With bold color-blocked walls in shades of pink and peach, the linens on the pair of beds remain white. The window treatments and bed skirts combine this fun and feminine color palette in beautiful and very different ways.

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    Focal Point

    White and black create the perfect spot for an orange velvet couch to shine. The vintage styling of the sofa sets the stage in the living room, and the rest of the accessories and furniture follow suit. A graphic chevron rug adds a touch of modern flair.

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