These 5 Furniture Trends Are the New Classics

From textured materials to a return to maximalism, these are the must-have furniture trends you’re going to want to incorporate into your home.

We give a lot of thought to the latest paint colors, kitchen designs, and even garden trends, but furniture isn't always top of mind when it comes to the latest fashions. But there's a whole world of exciting new furniture designs and silhouettes to take advantage of in a way that adds to your existing decor—no overhaul needed.

"Now more than ever, we are seeing a return to cozy and warm interiors. Think beautifully layered spaces, a mix of prints, patterns, and colors, delicious wallpapers, textures, pleated and patterned lampshades as well as bespoke textiles," says Roxy Owens, founder and creative director at Society Social, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based furniture company.

But keeping updated on furniture trends doesn't mean forsaking the classics. Instead, it's quite the opposite. One only needs to look at today's top materials, including rattan, grass cloth, and wicker, to see this point in action. "These textural beauties have been popular in home decor since the start and absolutely have staying power," says Owens. Here, she shares the top furniture trends happening now, each one guaranteed to stand the test of time.

eclectic sitting room with modern art and pattern rug
David Tsay

1. Curved Silhouettes

The furniture forecast calls for softer looks with a dose of nostalgia and an eye for craftsmanship. "Femininity has had a large impact on the design world in 2022 thus far," says Owens. "I'm particularly loving scalloped shapes and curvaceous silhouettes that lend themselves to a playful, artful, and frivolous spirit." Fading are the rigid modern lines that defined the past decade. Today's furniture is all about a softer landing and a warmer environment to curl up in at the end of the day.

tortoise bamboo nesting tables on neutral background
Cameron Sadeghpour

2. Tortoise Finishes

"To me, tortoise is timeless as it adds depth and character to a home, as well as a sense of casual sophistication to any space," she says. Like other natural materials, tortoise has been around for decades, but that won't stop Owens from naming it one of her favorite up-and-comers. "This is a trend that I can get behind as I always believe furniture with a sense of history should be included when decorating," she says. According to Owens, consider it neutral, as it plays nicely with a variety of furniture finishes and hues.

global colorful banquette purple velvet sectional table wood parquet floors
David Tsay

3. Maximalism

Maximalism is back, and even homeowners with smaller homes can let this trend play out in their spaces. Owens admits the "more is more" mentality might be overwhelming, especially when trying to make it work in a small space, so she suggests looking up instead. "One of my favorite tips for making a smaller space feel more grandiose is to paint or wallpaper your ceiling," she says. "This space is frequently overlooked, but when given a little attention, it can truly add a showstopping element that brings your eye upward and welcomes you in!"

armless wicker chairs dining room
Andrea Nordstrom Caughey

4. Natural Materials

"I believe the use of natural materials will continue to grow in popularity in upcoming years," says Owens. That said, these items are by no means new on the scene. Wicker, grass cloth, and rattan are classics through and through, but their star has seen an unprecedented rise thanks to the phenomenon known as grandmillennial style. This nostalgic style incorporates favorite finishes and furnishings from decades past. Thankfully, the appeal of furniture featuring natural materials knows no bounds. "These natural materials, which bring a calm, warm, and casual vibe to design, work in all types of spaces, from New York City to the English countryside to the coast," says Owens.

green matching cabinets with white desktop in between

5. Green Paint Colors

Painted furniture is a trend worth noting, but especially when it relates to a certain hue. "Green is truly having a moment right now!" says Owens. "This soft and sophisticated color with an organic appeal brings a beautiful nature-inspired balance to design." Owens loves pairing it with materials like grass cloth and rattan to further its natural draw. Incorporating the color in any aspect of your home decor, whether it's art, furniture, or even small flourishes, can bring feelings of tranquility and optimism. "We could all certainly use a little of that!" she adds.

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