Fun Rooms

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Make a boring room a little more fun with ten tricks from these spaces, which are brimming with cheery design details and lighthearted decorating strategies.

Layer It In

A room with plenty to look at is fun because there are so many details to take in. Use different shades of the colors in your scheme and include plenty of details, such as pom-pom fringe on pillows, interesting trinkets on a side table, and a number of patterns throughout.


Go for the Quirk

Unexpected elements bring a room to life, whether it's unconventional art, like a red surfboard, or a unique chair in a color not used elsewhere in the room. These pops look especially striking in a neutral space.

Sophisticated Fun

Fun doesn't have to mean childish. Have fun in a chic way by using bright colors with posh materials, such as velvet or silk. A neutral backdrop also tempers exuberance, but doesn't extinguish it completely.

Make a Statement

Take advantage of small spaces as an opportunity to let loose. A powder room or an alcove are prime candidates for large scale, colorful wallpaper. Keep the rest of the space simple and your big statement will hit the right notes.

Concentrate Color

Yes, color is a commitment, but it's also really fun. To make a wise investment, try this approach: Keep most of the big things in your space (flooring, cabinets in a kitchen, upholstered furniture in a living room, etc.) a love-it-forever neutral, but then pick one spot to go full-on color, such as an island or pair of accent chairs. Work the color into smaller accents, such as window treatments, and you're set. 


Want a simple formula for a fun room? Stick with shades of one strong color and layer in plenty of pattern. Pair a color like bright pink with warm, midtone neutrals -- such as khaki -- and a few darker browns as well. 

Traditional Fun

Fun isn't limited to a style or design aesthetic. Even more formal styles, like traditional, can be effervescent. Offset classic architecture, wood floors, and timeless furniture with bright colors, carefree patterns, and artwork.

Complementary Colors

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel form dynamic complementary schemes. Because their properties are so different, these duos form a strong contrast that can be fun and unexpected. Opt for bright versions of these pairs, such as tangerine and cobalt versus pumpkin and navy, to keep the look fun. 


Mix Patterns

In a fun room, why stick to one pattern when a dynamic duo can bring even more life to a space? Vary pattern scale and look for color commonalities between the patterns and other elements within the room. 

Fun and Functional

For spaces that are meant for downtime, such as a family room, keep comfort at the forefront with seating designed for lounging, a place to put your feet up, and a spot to rest your drink. Orient seating toward the TV so every spot has optimal viewing for family movie night.

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