Traditional, modern, eclectic, contemporary: These are all words that can describe a great floral pattern. And much like the wide variety of flora and fauna in the world, there is practically no limit to the amount of floral patterns you'll find in interior design.

By Rachel Shingleton
June 08, 2015
Pink Bedroom

So how do you decide about decorating with florals? First things first: Decide what your end goal for the design of the room is. Want it to feel modern? Sophisticated? Cozy? Unexpected? Exhilarating? Any of these can be achieved with the right floral pattern, whether in large or small doses.

What Goes With

Florals can still feel cozy and charming while staying updated and fresh. Test the waters of this trend by trying a large-scale floral print on pillows. Build the rest of the room around the floral print by pulling colors from the pattern. This room's scheme is soft and understated but has just the right amount of contrasting color thanks to the hot pink roses in the pillows.

Floral Wallpapers


Floral wallpaper doesn't have to feel out-of-touch. Unexpected color palettes and larger-scale prints offer a modern spin on a classic design. This dining room's color scheme manages to feel untraditional despite several traditional elements. Experiment with complementary colors and find inspiration in the floral pattern you choose.

What Goes With

A subtle floral wallpaper provides a calming feel to this bathroom retreat. Crisp white bath fixtures pop against the stylized design of the floral pattern. When choosing a floral wallpaper, consider the size of the room and the scale of the wallpaper. Bring samples home so you can pin them up in the space before committing to the entire room.


This bedroom becomes funky and modern through the floral wallpaper and bold color scheme but doesn't go overboard. By using the multicolor wallpaper as the focal point of the space on an accent wall, it provides visual interest but also color inspiration for the rest of the room. Aqua and brown are repeated in other fabrics and paint colors, providing total harmony.

Overscaled Floral Prints

What Goes With

The gigantic bloom on this showstopping rug becomes the focal point for the entire living room. The colors are repeated through the accessories in the space, but stay grounded through the neutral furnishings and wall color. Repetition is the key to tying this look together. Find accents such as mirrors, pillows, art, vases, books, and more to repeat the primary graphic element.

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