What Goes with a Gray Sofa

There's no gray area when it comes to this on-trend seating option. Airy, bold, traditional, modern -- a sofa in this classic tone covers all the bases. Here's what to pair with a gray sofa to make it look its best.

Does the thought of gray leave your color-loving personality craving more? It's time to ditch the preconception that this modern hue isn't up to the classification of color. Whether you style it as a statement or give it a subtler edge, a couch upholstered in timeless gray will steal the show -- season, after season.

Middle Ground

Not only is gray considered a mid-tone in terms of color, but it also functions as a real-life middle ground for contrasting furniture choices. Traditional pieces, such as the pillared side table and scalloped accent chair here, feel right at home alongside the modern coffee table and sleek sofa in this living room, thanks to a unifying neutral color scheme. Shades of gray are peppered throughout, giving cohesion to a multitude of shapes and styles.

Mix Up Textures

Although not always the brashest of colors, gray has a way of bringing a certain kind of sophistication to a room. With its unassuming aura, the color can recede into the background, allowing other elements of the room to take center stage. Used here, gray seating inspires a collection of elements that all work to complement the high ceilings, architectural moldings, and glass details throughout. While all of this is true, don't write the color off as altogether dull. By mixing up the textures -- a solid microfiber on one, and linen on the other -- gray brings overall dimension and character to the muted scheme.

Go Bold

When it comes down to it though, gray is actually one of the few classics able to negate the notion that it's neutral or nothing. These days, gray can be styled in a way that feels both timeless and daring. The rich shade used on this sofa, for instance, acts as a foundation for the bold accessories, yet also works as a focal point itself thanks to the dark saturation. The overall look is perhaps an even bolder, and certainly more sophisticated, statement than bold-on-bold color would have been.

Barely There

Although generally considered a more placid color than most, gray has the potential to be an intimidating one to work with. The first step in embracing this classic look is to ditch the myth that you have to go dark. Like any color on the wheel, gray comes in all different shades and intensities. If dark isn't an adjective you'd use to describe your style, choose an airy gray instead. Even if you're only able to embrace one step above pure white, as shown in this light filled living room. That hit of subtle color will bring tremendous dimension to your space.

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