How to Decorate with a Black Sofa

Like a black dress or pants, a black sofa can be coupled with almost anything. Decorating with a black sofa has never been easier with these top tips and tricks.

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Black and nearly black sofas offer a high degree of drama for your decorating dollar. Because of their ebony hues and physical mass, they contribute look-at-me silhouettes that stand out as living and family room focal points. Happily, black sofas act as adaptable neutrals that amiably partner with a wide array of colors and patterns and work in designs ranging from country to contemporary. Here's what you need to consider when choosing items to go with your black sofa.

Wall Colors that Go with Black Sofas

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Because coal and charcoal-hued sofas are "go big or go home" design choices, they deserve a place in the limelight. There's no better way to showcase their profiles than by using a high-contrast wall color. But before choosing your paint color, formulate a color palette, then carry a version of one of those shades onto the wall. Generally, laid-back paint colors, such as pearly gray, pastel peach, creamy yellow, sky blue, and lighter earth tones allow black sofas to shine, while adding hints of color and warmth to the space. But, if you like spicier room designs, paint the walls in clear and crisp hues, such as lemon yellow, lime green, cherry red, cantaloupe, periwinkle blue, or hot pink. Forget about bright whites because the contrast between sofa and wall may appear stark and chilling. To avoid creating a black-hole effect, stay away from black-tinted colors, such as forest green, navy, or burgundy.

Fabrics, Furnishings, and Black Sofas

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In addition to wall color, choose fabrics and furnishings with breezy patterns and lightweight profiles to counterweight a dark sofa's substantial presence. Solid black sofas will partner nicely with any fabrics that work with your decorating style, but consider introducing black-and-white prints as upholstery and accent fabrics. These high-contrast patterns, whether awning stripes, animal print, or classic toile, make an impact when arranged alongside a black sofa. If your black sofa is covered in a patterned textile rather than a solid, introduce smaller scale patterns on accent pieces, such as ottomans or side chairs. Add a sense of buoyancy by incorporating wood furniture with light-to-medium stained finishes, pieces with painted or lacquered surfaces, glass-topped metal tables, and woven wicker or rattan chairs.

Accessories and Black Sofas

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Tie in your sofa and boost the brightness using favorite collections, vibrant artworks, patterned or shaggy area rugs, and window fabrics with touches of black or dark gray. Starting with a black sofa makes decorating a bit more fun, since the neutral furnishing allows you to change out accessories as seasons shift, or whenever the mood strikes. If you like living in chromatic spaces, distribute your favorite hues around the room via vivid accessories, boldly patterned throw pillows, and accent furniture with colorful finishes. Got a penchant for more serene scenes? Maintain the peace while keeping interest high by accessorizing with gray tone-on-tone fabrics, black-framed photos, groupings of wall-hung mirrors, and silver or gold curios boasting both polished and weathered patinas.

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