Decorate with What You Love

Fall in love with your home by decorating with the things that make your heart sing. Here are 11 tips that will help you find decorating bliss.

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    Find a Signature Color

    You know what color looks best on you and what colors you love to wear. Seek out the same for your home's color scheme -- find colors that look good on your space and what colors you'll love to come home to. Bring home fabric swatches, paint strips and even small accessories to give the color a test run before you commit. It may take a few "first dates" to find "the one", but once you find it, you'll know.


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    Banish Boring

    Say goodbye to the mundane and give your home a personality that's a reflection of you. These four tricks will help you get there. 

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    Define Your Mood

    This is less about style and more about what you want your room to feel like. Consider what materials, colors and furnishings will help you project your chosen mood. Sparkly surfaces, rich colors, and plush textures will exude sophistication. Casual cottons and canvases, natural textures, and midtones will come across as laidback. Bright colors, flashy patterns, and glossy surfaces project a happy energy.


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    Where Do You Vaca? (Or Wish You Could Vaca?)

    Whether you spend a week at the ocean every year or wish you could take an extended tour of Italy, look to where you vacation (even if it's only in your fantasies) to inspire your decor. These places hold special memories (or wishful dreams) and living with reminders of these locales will bring a smile to your face amidst the everyday.

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    Pictures: The Obvious Choice

    Show off the ones you love and display pictures prominently. Turn a dull hallway or pass-through space into a charming gallery of favorite pictures. 

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    Find a Signature Pattern

    Like your signature color, this is the pattern that says "you". It's a foundational element that can key off several other important decision-making steps and create a cohesive look. The pattern can inspire a color scheme, guide you to other patterns to incorporate, and otherwise set your decorating efforts on fire.

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    Don't Be Afraid to Step Outside the Box

    So what if you find a quirky pattern you love, but it doesn't necessarily "go" with your decor? Bring it home anyways. You'll find a way to make it sing, whether it's a fabric remnant you can turn into an accent pillow or a handmade paper that can be framed and added to a gallery wall. If you're in redecorating mode, decide what about that pattern speaks to you -- is it the color, style, theme, or texture? Those traits may be the decorating inspiration you've been looking for. 

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    Look to Your Closet

    It may seem a little trite, but it's true -- what's hanging in your closet can be a good decorating guidance counselor. Is your closet filled with bright colors and bold patterns? Or maybe it's tailored and classic? A little bohemian and eclectic? Follow that style direction and see where it takes you in your decorating efforts.

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    Book It

    Collect coffee table books and vintage tomes on a favorite subject or passion and put them on display. (Oh, and give 'em a read too.)

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    Display Something Meaningful

    Show off something that tells your story. Is it a collection of teacups or jewelry from your Grandma? Or maybe a piece of pottery you picked up from your semester abroad? Take it out of storage and weave it into your decor.

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    Go Natural

    Find a natural element that speaks to you (orchids! succulents! driftwood!) and add it to your decor ensemble as a finishing touch. Adding a bit of nature can connect your home to the world beyond it and, as cliche as it sounds, inject a certain freshness. (Go out and buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree, pop it in a corner, and tell us we aren't right.)

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