Fabric Expert Dara Caponigro Shares Her Tips for Timeless Interiors

The former editor helps people bring personality and beauty to their spaces with her passion for all things interior design.

As a former editor for home decor magazines, including Veranda and Domino, Dara Caponigro has spent her career immersed in decorating. The current creative director of Schumacher, the iconic fabric and wall covering company, Dara shares her insights on timeless style.

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I Can't Work Without …

"Before I jump into a new project, I need to clear my desk. It helps me stay focused. I know it's old-fashioned, but I still love paper—most of the creative people I know do. I have a dedicated pile of papers fastened with binder clips for every person on my team. I like the simple stainless ones best."

Dara Caponigro

Patience is a big part of finding your style. Decorating can be expensive, so you don't want to rush and make mistakes.

— Dara Caponigro
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Style Definer

Dara's book S Is for Style: The Schumacher Book of Decoration ($56, Amazon) showcases inspiring pattern-filled interiors and explores 16 distinct decorating personalities. Learn the key ingredients to styles with chapters on "Ladylike," "Trad with a Twist," "Opulent," and "Boho." "There are so many nuances to taste and style, and no pressure to decorate any one way."

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Illustration by Lucy Truman

Perennial Pattern

Created more than 70 years ago by Swedish designer Josef Frank, the Citrus Garden pattern is everywhere right now (check out #citrusgarden on Instagram). "It resonates with so many people because it brings instant joy. It's also modern and friendly at the same time, which is a difficult combo to come by."

Little Ways to Wow

"Style isn't always about making a big splash. You can add it in small doses. Bold, eye-catching wallpaper in the back of cupboards or between shelves in bookcases is a wonderful way to make a big statement in a small way."

Best Advice

Interior designer Thomas O'Brien once told me, "It's fine to embrace lots of different styles as long as they are unified by color." It sounds simple, and it makes sense.

Zoom Refresh

Upgrade your video meetings with a style-savvy background by downloading a classic Schumacher pattern for free at their home decor blog, The Edit.

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