Cozy Rooms

Invite relaxation and a comfy feel with a room appointed in cozy design touches.

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    Embrace the Grain

    Use wood tones and finishes to create a cozy look in your spaces. Wood paneling, wood floors, and wood furniture are all prime candidates. Balance a potentially heavy hand with soft textures and colors.


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    Focus on the Fireplace

    What is more cozy than a crackling fire? If your space boasts a fireplace, orient the seating arrangement to the hearth so you can enjoy the fire to the fullest. 


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    Wood Tones

    Warm wood tones take the cool edge off of crisp white walls. For a forward-thinking look, vary the wood tones you choose for your space. Here, a dark finish frames the mirror, while a medium tone colors the bench and table, and transitions to light on the floor.

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    Layers of Fabric

    Soften a room with layers of sumptuous fabrics. Rather than just placing a comforter on your bed, layer a blanket at the foot of the bed, too. Pile on the pillows and consider an upholstered headboard. Layer window treatments or use pleated curtains, which will make the treatments look more voluminous. 

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    Power of Texture

    Part of a cozy room lies in tactile additions to the design. Woven surfaces appear more cozy than their smooth counterparts. Imagine this bedroom with a sleek white nightstand, instead of the wicker basket nightstand. The look would lose some of its cozy appeal. 

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    Cocoon with Color

    A dark, warm wall color cocoons a space and embraces it, much like being wrapped up in a blanket on a cold day. To avoid the dungeon look, balance the dark wall color with a few lighter furniture pieces and allow natural light to filter through. 

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    Cozy Cooking

    Kitchens are full of sleek surfaces and hard edges, but that doesn't mean the space can't be cozy. Warm wood tones and touches of fabric, such as on window treatments or rugs, can work to counteract cool countertops, appliances, and fixtures.

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    Running Hot and Cold

    Typically, cool colors, such as purple, can be warmed up to create a cozy design. Look for tones that have warm undertones, such as this aubergine purple, and pair the color with other truly warm colors, such as ruby red or pumpkin orange.

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    Warm Grays

    Don't dismiss gray as a purely cool neutral. Shades with yellow or brown undertones can be warm and inviting. Mix warm grays with reds, oranges, and browns to maximize their warm qualities.

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    Crown with Fabric

    Use a canopy or corona to cozy up a bed. Here, a favorite cozy plaid pattern adds an extra layer of warmth. The fabric drapes from an antique corona. Using plenty of fabric creates a beautiful pleated effect, giving the treatment plenty of volume.

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