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They say that all good things must come to an end, but trends are the exception. Here are 19 classic and creative design elements and details that have come back with gusto, and they're now better—and easier to replicate—than ever.

Blue and White

The simple and sweet blue-and-white color palette feels fresh, despite the fact that it’s been a go-to combination for generations. A staple of the early '90s, it feels fresh when applied in modern patterns and as part of an eclectic design scheme.


Brass has experienced a widespread resurgence in the design world, this time coming back as a softer, antiqued version of the shiny brass circa 1995. In tandem with its cousin gold, brass is now beginning to overtake chrome and brushed nickel as the preferred metal of choice. Use it on your faucets, frames, and fixtures.


Throughout much of the 1960s and '70s, orange was one of the more popular shades within interior design. Now orange is back in the top spot. But rather than appearing in mod florals, trippy tie-dyes, and crushed velvet sofas, orange is featured with cottage and nautrical themes, plenty of crisp whites, and doses of bright blues. Plenty of wood surfaces and natural textures help to erase any holdover hippie or disco vibes associated with the hue.

Flokati (aka - the New Shag)

Shag carpet has been long gone (can I get an amen?), but flokati is the new iteration in town. It's perfectly in step with today's eclectic-global-natural take on style. Genuine flokati is made from sheep's wool, but you'll find many synthetic versions available because of its popularity. The material, whether real or faux, features telltale ultra-high-pile fibers and invites sinking your feet into. Often, it sports a black design for a graphic punch.


Yet another revived product of the retro '60s and '70s is macrame. Today we see this woven, knotted rope finish on things like hanging planters, wall-mounted textiles, and even pieces of jewelry. (And not a scary owl in sight!) While you can buy readymade pieces, you can get the look at home using your own two hands.

Midcentury Design

Throughout much of the mid-1900s, a specific style emerged that featured characteristic clean lines, simple silhouettes, and starburst detailing. That look has finally come full circle, and it has reemerged as a hot style. (And we probably have Mad Men to thank for that.) Scout out authentic pieces at your local thrift stores and flea markets, or nab reproductions at many favorite retailers.


Miami Vice and '80s preppies gave pastels a bad name for a while and relegated the soft, muted colors to children's rooms and play areas. But no more! Now pastel hues are seen in just about any space. To combat the light look and the tendancy to go saccharine, add in a bold accent color or two.

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Skirted Tables

The skirted tables that you loved so much in the 1990s are back in style and ready to take back their place beside to your bed or sofa. To update the look, consider layering linens (a global-inspired scarf is up to the minute) and add a glass top. Skip the lace doily and save the chintz for something else. 


The patterns may have changed, but it’s safe to say that wallpaper is experiencing a major renaissance in design. Featuring a wide variety of options -- geometrics, modern florals, and simple color blocking, too -- wallpaper is a simple and trendy way to update the look of any room or feature wall in your house.

Wood Paneling

Ok, so the fake stuff wasn't so hot, which led to paneling's bad rap. But it's time to officially ditch the myth that wood paneling is only for mountain lodges and rundown retro homes. Nowadays, wood-lined walls are chic and stately, adding warmth and a hint of whimsy to your favorite rooms.

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