Decorating Ideas for Calming Rooms

Get a room that calms and relaxes with these tips for choosing serene colors, textures and design elements.

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    Calm Gathering Space

    Pairing watery blues and greens with soft grays will instantly impart serenity. To give the space structure, include pops of black or dark finishes, such as the wood frames on the coffee table, sofa, and side table in this living room.

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    Relaxing Retreat

    Promote relaxation in your bedroom with texture. Sheer curtains will soften window frames (layer in blinds for privacy and light control). Use fabrics that are luxurious to the touch and include plump pillows and bedding.

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    Clean Kitchen

    Kitchens are busy places, but a white color palette and plenty of natural light can curb the chaotic feeling. Open kitchens that feel less cramped can also impart a sense of calm. Consider skipping upper cabinets or eliminating cabinets above a peninsula if you're remodeling. 

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    Pamper and Relax

    Add luxurious touches to your bathroom and bring a spa-like serenity to your space. Here, sheepskin rugs positioned in front of the sinks offer comfort underfoot, and plants on the sinks exude the serenity of nature. Warm finishes including the stone flooring and the wood tub and sink lend a sense of coziness. 

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    Invite Comfort

    Set your rooms up to be comfortable and calm. Chairs you want to curl up in, layers of bedding, and soft flooring underfoot are all creature comforts that will make you take a deep breath and relax. 

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    Clean Feeling

    A clean, uncluttered look is refreshing, and who doesn't feel a little calmer when they are refreshed? In this bathroom, white-on-white captures a clean aesthetic, while silver accents and a shiny marble floor lend a little bit of sparkle.

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    Calming Blue

    Blue is one of the most calming colors, which makes it a prime candidate for any room you want to have a serene look, no matter what your style is. Here, whisper-soft blue goes traditional. Paired with creamy whites and gold accents, the look is elegant and inviting. 

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    Simple Space

    Keep things simple to promote relaxation. A monochromatic color palette of light, warm neutrals will do the trick. Limit pattern and color to a few select spots to maintain the calm vibe while adding visual interest. 

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    Sit-Down Dinners

    Being on the go constantly makes a relaxed meal a luxury. Set up your dining space to be a catalyst for a relaxed meal so you can really enjoy those times when you are able to linger over dinner. Employ comfortable chairs and calming colors, and add accessories you love so you'll have a space you enjoy being in.

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    Find Your Calm

    Ask yourself: Do you feel best when everything is clean, crisp, and simple? Or do you prefer to have a suite of comfortable amenities -- such as layers of pillows and bedding? Knowing what calms you down and what relaxes you will help you decide what you need to do in your rooms to promote that feeling. 

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