18 Ways to Add Animal Print Decor for Timeless Glamour

Living room with dark gray walls and pink rug
Photo: Annie Schlecther

Think of animal prints like Mother Nature's neutrals. Just as a big cat's spots help camouflage it in the wild, these patterns can blend right into your room. These stylish rooms are perfect examples of graphic animal prints done right.

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Animal Print Rugs

farmhouse living room zebra carpet wood beams
John Gruen

One of the easiest ways to decorate with animal prints is with an area rug. Patterns inspired by zebras, leopards, and giraffes make high-impact statements as floor coverings. However, limiting the bold print to the floor helps prevent it from overwhelming a room.

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Tiger-Stripe Accents

Living room with dark gray walls and pink rug
Annie Schlecther

Animal prints are a natural fit for colorful, eclectic interiors. Even in small doses, the bold patterns command attention. Here, tiger-stripe accent pillows on upholstered armchairs add another layer of pattern and personality. When mixing patterns, vary the scale for a dynamic look.

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Neutral Animal Prints

living room couch leopard print pillows
David A Land

In the right applications, animal prints can serve as a neutral. The key is to repeat the same print multiple times and mix it with a range of patterns, colors, and textures. In this living room, cheetah print reads as a background element rather than the star, proving animal prints can be a grounding alternative to solid neutrals.

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Zebra-Stripe Decor

zebra-striped rug under wall-mounted desk
Michael Partenio

Direct attention to a gallery wall with a zebra stripe rug. The directional lines of the print draw the eye toward this unique wall-mounted desk and beautiful framed artwork. When highlighting artwork, be sure to choose an animal print rug with neutral colors so it doesn't distract from the display.

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Pairing Animal Prints

living room tiger rug cowhide ottoman zebra pillow
Robert Brantley

Can't choose a favorite animal print? Try pairing multiple patterns in the same color palette for a fun yet cohesive look. The tiger rug, cowhide ottomans, and zebra pillow in this boho-style living room work well with a connected mix of orange, tan, and brown. Use a contrasting color, such as the teal blanket shown here, to add interest.

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Rustic Animal Print Design

rustic bedroom with cowhide rug
Greg Scheidemann

Animal prints can work with a wide variety of decorating styles. Even a rustic bedroom feels fresh with a pop of animal print. Simply throw a cowhide rug on the floor and pair it with gold and yellow accents. A metallic animal figurine on this bedroom's nightstand completes the nature-inspired look.

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Animal-Print Focal Point

living room soft palette zebra stripe ottoman
Edmund Barr

In more traditional spaces, a single animal-print accessory creates an instant focal point. This zebra stripe ottoman immediately draws eyes to the center of the room. The pattern contrasts the soft gray, white, and green palette that anchors the room's design.

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Other Animal Prints

giraffe-printed parsons desk green lamp
Helen Norman

Stripes and spots are great, but there are plenty of other animals to add to your menagerie. This snakeskin-print Parsons desk fits right in with this office's natural textures and neutral palette while adding a dose of wild style. Pops of green (the perfect colorful accent for a nature-theme space) enliven the decor.

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Animal Hide Rugs

zebra hide in low traffic sitting area
Michael Partenio

Hide rugs add a cozy accent underfoot. Keep in mind that real hides can be difficult to clean, so they're best placed in a room in your home that doesn't see heavy traffic. This entryway seating area is perfect for such a statement-making piece, and its brown tones continue in surrounding furniture, trim, and artwork. You can also find plenty of faux-hide rugs on the market if a real one isn't up your alley.

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Versatile Animal Prints

cheetah sidetable black and gray porch
Robert Brinson

Small accent furniture pieces are an easy way to add animal prints to your room without a long-term commitment. This cheetah side table is decked out in shades of black and gray, giving it versatile style and the ability to camouflage into a variety of color schemes. In the center of the room it makes a bold statement, but tucked away to the side, it adds visual interest to an otherwise empty corner.

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Layered Animal Prints

living room brown zebra rug layered over fiber rug
Michael Partenio

Hide rugs tend to be smaller than traditional area rugs, so they work well for the ever-popular layered rug effect. This brown-and-tan zebra-inspired hide layers perfectly on top of a natural fiber rug. The addition brings another pop of pattern without overwhelming the room.

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Subtle Animal Accents

ivory hide neutral dining area
John Granen

Animal prints don't have to be in-your-face to make an impact. The ivory hide under this dining table anchors this predominantly neutral room, and the subtle palette makes way for bright yellow accents. Rustic accessories, including a galvanized metal pendant and antlers on the tabletop, contribute to the organic look.

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Colorful Animal Prints

sitting room animal prints on chair ottoman
Adam Albright

Animal-print fabric isn't limited to the neutral colors typically found in nature. Use animal prints in unusual colors for an even bolder look on upholstered furniture. Reupholster a chair in bright blue zebra stripes, or create a pretty pouf in vibrant colored patterns.

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Subtle Animal-Print Decor

living room soft pale zebra stripe accents on furniture
Michael Luppino

Decorating with animal prints doesn't mean you have to make your space feel like a safari. Choose patterns in muted shades to blend in with more traditional styles. In this living room, a pale blue zebra stripe borrows colors from the walls and ceiling for a subtle, relaxed look.

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Animal-Print Color Schemes

green cheetah chairs living room
William Geddes

Blend animal prints into your decor with a cohesive color scheme. This living room, for example, is filled with warm, earthy tones, including red, gold, and green. With raised green spots and subtle yellow background stripes, the upholstered cheetah print chairs perfectly harmonize with other colors in the room.

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Animal-Print Chairs

dining chairs zebra stripe seats
Michael Partenio

Ready to incorporate this fun pattern trend into your decor? Work with what you already have by reupholstering your dining room chairs in a fresh animal print. It's an unexpected touch that adds a bit of fun to a formal space. And if true animal prints are a little too bold for you, go with an abstract interpretation, like the print on these chairs, which is a nod to zebra stripes.

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Traditional-Style Animal Prints

traditional office décor leopard print rug
Greg Scheidemann

You don't need wildly modern decor to go wild with animal prints. Leopard print makes a splash in this traditional space while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. The room's wood finishes add formality to the decor, while clean white lines keep the space bright.

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Pastel Animal Prints

formal chairs with green exotic animal prints
Edmund Barr

To keep colorful animal prints from feeling too outlandish, stick to a pastel print with a neutral background. These upholstered chairs feature a soft green zebra print that's accented with brass nailhead trim. The muted colors tie in with the rest of the room's mix of green and metallic tones.

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