Tiny Decorating Tweaks That Make a Big Difference

Sometimes a room needs just a small tweak to be its best. Fortunately there are several easy ways to improve your home's design without much cost, time, or even commitment. Here's how to edit your way to a stunning space you can fall in love with all over again.

1. Face the Music

In order to truly improve on your space -- and tweak your room in the right direction -- you will need to have a realistic assessment of your current space. The best way to do this is to take pictures, and then take an honest look at your space from a two-dimensional perspective. Your camera can be your best friend in deciding what should stay, what should go, and what needs to be added. When evaluating your pictures, ask yourself questions such as, "Does my space have the right balance of color? Is there an area of my room that is too congested with stuff? Do I have a focal point? Does my flow of space work? Are there resting points for my eye?" If something does not feel right in your photo, pay special attention to that area and trust your gut. Don't be afraid to share your pictures for a second opinion -- just take or leave what works for you when the advice starts rolling in.

Visual inspiration from the home of blogger Edie Wadsworth, interior design by Fieldstone Hill Design.

2. Edit

The most effective way to impactfully tweak your space is to edit. This means: Remove stuff. Throw stuff away. Give it away. Take it out of the room! I am known for saying, "You can't have a beautiful space if it is filled with junk!" Although it is said a bit tongue-and-cheek, it really is true. You need to cut back on the clutter so that the beautiful things can shine through. Don't drown out your lovely things by overcrowding the space, or adding "just one more throw pillow." Even a gorgeous focal point goes unnoticed when surrounded by visual noise. That is why editing is the first and most essential step in tweaking.

So far all you need is a camera and a trash bag. See, this tweaking stuff is not that hard!

3. Sleek Symmetry

Once you have pared down your space, allowing the existing beauty to shine through, you can really elevate a room by focusing on symmetry. Look around your space and refer back to your photos to see if there are places where you can take advantage of the beauty of symmetry. Could you flank a desk with two lovely chairs? What would happen if you added two lamps to either end of a sideboard and placed a mirror right in the middle? What about two comparable end tables beside your sofa? When you add symmetry, you tweak your space in a way that allows the eye to enjoy the lovely belongings in your rooms.


4. Adjust Your Focal Point

Right in the middle of your symmetrical goodness, and in at least one prominent location in your space, you should have a focal point. Excellent objects for focal points are large artwork, fireplaces, large mirrors, or a picture window with a view. These items are all approximately at eye level to pull the attention of the viewer. Be brave when approaching your focal point, and use this area as a place to express your inner decorator. For example, if you are an art lover, don't be shy. Select a glorious, large piece for the focal point and allow it to shine without competition. If you love the coziness of a central fireplace, position the room so that the fireplace and the fireplace mantel are the stars of the show.                        

5. Add White Space

Contrast is king when making final tweaks to your design. Now that you have highlighted your favorite pieces with symmetry and brought attention to a focal point, you need to give your eye a place to rest so that it can enjoy the featured objects. You can do this by adding "white space" to your design, which can literally mean adding expanses or elements of white, or it can mean adding in space where no patterns or heavy texture or color are present. We spoke earlier about how clutter can detract from the beauty of a space. Well, visual clutter can do the same. So be sure to tweak your space by allowing for places where the eye can rest.


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