3-Step Decorating Makeovers

Follow our easy 3-step formula to decorate your home just the way you want, on your timeline and your budget.

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    Living Room

    Step 1: Find an inspiration and invest in large pieces of furniture.

    Step 2: Add a theme and color.

    Step 3: The finished room has a workable floor plan, lots of color and pattern, and a loose Asian theme.

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    Master Bedroom

    Step 1: Choose one important element to build on.

    Step 2: Lose the beige walls and add furniture piece by piece.

    Step 3: Get what you always wanted: luxury furniture, romantic lighting, and cozy reading spots.

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    Guest Bedroom

    Step 1: Assess your furniture and come up with a plan.

    Step 2: Make the room serve double duty and rearrange the furniture.

    Step 3: Dress up the DIY headboard and add window treatments for a stylish retreat.

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    Small Living Room

    Step 1: Decide on a focal point and room arrangement.

    Step 2: Get rid of depressing white walls and add artwork.

    Step 3: Pile on pattern and use a few space-enlarging tricks.

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    Breakfast Nook

    Step 1: Strip the room of previous decorating to start fresh.

    Step 2: Paint the walls and add window treatments.

    Step 3: Fill the room with accessories and embellishments to personalize it.

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    Dining Room

    Step 1: Take advantage of sparse furnishings to evoke a French bistro feel.

    Step 2: Add your dream furniture but wait on choosing your color scheme.

    Step 3: Paint the walls and add accessories and window treatments for a fully developed room.

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