Interior Design Trends Huge in 2020

See the most popular furniture, fabrics, and colors heading into a new decade.

We're ready to ring in the new year with some fresh decor ideas. To find out what will be big heading into the next decade, we talked with industry experts about the latest trends in furniture, fabric, and more. Bring on the bold colors, beautiful patterns, and luxe textures for the 2020s. Whether you're thinking about a minor refresh or a total renovation, find inspiration for your update below.

living room with pink and blue chairs bookcases and gallery wall of artwork
Courtesy of Dabito

1. Velvet

Velvet adds a cozy, high-end look to upholstered furniture and home accents, and it's not going away any time soon. But if you worry velvet is too formal or impractical to clean, don't fret—today's velvet offerings have a high-quality look with modern performance qualities.


We love velvet because it's a durable fabric, especially with pets.

— Dabito

Livable luxury is one reason designer Dabito favors velvet in his own home. "We love velvet because it's a durable fabric, especially with pets," he says. "We have two pups and a kitty, and all the pet hair brushes off very easily. It's also super luxe and gets more beautiful with age."

Elevate your space with a statement sofa upholstered in jewel-tone velvet, or try the trend on throw pillows for a quick, elegant touch.

bed in a bedroom
Courtesy of Selamat Designs

2. Caned Furniture

Caning is having a moment (again). This decorative technique has been around for centuries, with various surges in popularity throughout history. As with many trends, the timeless weave has circled back around with an updated look for the 21st century.

"This particular style is a well-recognized, highly durable weave that works in all types of environments," says Shannon Davis, creative director and co-owner of Selamat, a home furnishings company known for its use of natural materials. That versatility, Davis adds, is part of what makes caning such a great design choice. "We love to play with scale and color to show the range of the weave, so it can be incorporated into both traditional and modern spaces. We don't think caning is just for chairs—we love it on case pieces, beds, lighting, and even decor pieces like trays and boxes."

Use caned furniture and accents to add textural interest within a neutral color palette. Pair the weave with other natural materials, such as wool, raw wood, and linen, to create a fresh, organic look. For a modern twist, look for pieces that feature sleek lines or bold accent colors.

view of mustard headboard
Courtesy of Hommeboys

3. Statement Headboards

When it comes to bedroom decor trends, statement headboards will take center stage in 2020. A thoughtfully designed headboard—featuring unique materials, unusual textures, or an interesting shape—can serve as a stylish focal point for your private retreat.

Alex Mutter-Rottmayer and Austin Carrier, the duo behind the Sonoma-based design firm Hommeboys, built a unique headboard for their primary bedroom as part of fall 2019's One Room Challenge. "Our inspiration for our custom headboard was definitely to play off of all the curves and rounded objects in the room," the duo says. The final product is a rust-colored headboard upholstered in soft velvet that runs the length of the room.

If you're considering adding a statement headboard to your bedroom, the duo offers this advice: Before diving in, carefully consider how the fabric or design is going to mesh with your space. Choose a style that ties in with other elements in the room, such as the pattern on the curtains or the finish on your nightstand. If you're ready to take a risk, adding a statement headboard is an easy way to try out a bold design before committing to a whole-room makeover.

dark exterior of home
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

4. Dark Exterior Colors

Homeowners have embraced dark hues and finishes inside their homes, and now we're seeing that trend extend to the exteriors. "Over the past few years we've seen a growing interest in dark colors for exteriors, with black being an unexpected, yet dramatic and popular choice," says Hannah Yeo, color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. "The trend of using [dark] colors for exteriors does appear to be growing as homeowners are becoming more comfortable with using deeper hues."

Hannah Yeo

If painting an entire house black is too much of a commitment, the exterior of the home still offers other opportunities to bring deep colors into the mix.

— Hannah Yeo

Yeo credits this trend in part to the ample inspiration at our fingertips and digital technologies that allow homeowners to "try on" a bold color choice before fully committing. While Yeo predicts black, charcoal, and navy exterior colors will likely continue to be popular, she also adds that there are regional factors to consider before going dark. Homeowners in warmer climates should note that a black home will absorb more heat from the sun than a lighter color would.

"If painting an entire house black is too much of a commitment, the exterior of the home still offers other opportunities to bring deep colors into the mix," she says. Consider painting your front door a moody hue or upgrade your shutters with a dark shade.

colorful yellow floral wallpaper
Courtesy of Kravet Inc.

5. Colorful Botanicals

As interest in indoor gardening and decorative houseplants continues to grow, homeowners are leaning even further into nature with colors and prints inspired by the outdoors. "Botanicals of all sizes are a strong trend I think will continue to grow in our industry over the next few years," says Lisa Masino, vice president of design at Kravet, a home furnishings company. "I believe this is in response to the desire for color and pattern in our homes again. Our world has been saturated in neutrals and solid fabrics for many years."

Botanical prints—on artwork, wallcoverings, fabric, and decor—can help liven up your space, no matter your design aesthetic. "Through florals, both traditional and modern, we can achieve color on so many levels, from soft through vibrant, in a livable, organic way," Masino says. Start small, with throw pillows or a vase with a nature-inspired pattern, or go big with a whimsical floral rug or walls wrapped in leafy wallpaper.

Living room with fireplace and coffee table
Adam Albright

6. Daybeds

If daybeds bring to mind visions of trundle beds or childhood sleepovers, think again. No longer just for kids' rooms (though we do love them there), the daybed is all grown up. Sophisticated versions of the versatile furnishing are now showing up in living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor living areas.

"Daybeds give a room a relaxed vibe," says interior designer Maggie Cruz. "They are inviting and practical because they can be used as a sofa or a bed." Cruz's favorite spots to add a daybed are dens and guest bedrooms, as well as children's bedrooms and playrooms.

With elements like caning, spindles, tufted designs, and luxurious upholstery, daybeds now come in a variety of higher-end looks. And if storage is a concern, many options on the market include cubby holes and drawers, making them smart (and stylish) additions to small spaces.

Blue bathroom with large white sink
Laura Moss Photography Corp

7. Textured Wallcoverings

Textured wallpaper is a subtle way to add depth and interest to a room. "I think designers are drawn to using textured wall coverings because they're able to create a room that makes a statement in a sophisticated way," says Addie Janulis, senior designer at Brunschwig & Fils, a home brand that carries designer fabric and wall coverings. The material wraps a room in an extra layer of coziness, so consider textured wallpaper for bedrooms, living areas, and small spaces like powder rooms.

Available in peel-and-stick varieties and traditional paste-and-paper coverings, these wallpapers come in a variety of textural designs, including linen, grasscloth, embossed patterns, and even faux wood. Depending on the style, a wallcovering with texture can enhance your space with a glamorous aesthetic or a subtle, earthy look. For an unexpected feature, consider applying textured wallpaper on the ceiling to draw eyes upward.

wooden wall bedroom gray, black and white accents
John Bessler

8. Stylish Sconces

Lighting serves a clear purpose in your home, and it can be both functional and artful. In addition to providing practical task lighting, a stylish sconce can act as a piece of jewelry for the home. Now available in a wider variety of sculptural shapes and eye-catching finishes, wall sconces are prettier than ever. Plus, you no longer need an electrician for hardwiring help—many plug-in sconces offer easy DIY installation.

Especially in small spaces and transition areas like hallways, wall sconces are a popular lighting choice because they don't take up floor or surface space. They also provide an additional wall embellishment. With the range of elegant shapes and diverse use of materials and finishes available today, you can easily find a sophisticated sconce that fits your unique style.

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