In the wake of the new year, we've put together 10 ways that you can easily de-stress your home. With a little organization, color coordination, sweet aromas, and cozy throws, we promise that you'll be feeling nothing but good vibes.

By Madison Ottenbacher

What's the first step to creating an at-home zen environment? Faux fur. Besides being fab and luxurious, faux fur throw blankets, stools, and rugs come in almost every color, size, shape, or pattern.

2. A Splash of Green

Houseplants easily accessorize any space. However what might come as a surprise is the numerous health benefits associated with them. Keep succulents, cacti, or other enchanting greens in your home because they are known to purify air and improve health while reducing fatigue and stress.

3. Clean Surfaces

It can be difficult to quiet your mind when there is chaos everywhere you look. Bookshelves, desk drawers, and countertops are hot spots for clutter. Creating a serene space begins with a clean surface, so learn how to manage your home's most troubled areas. 

4. Cooling Colors

Stay calm with cool colors. Consider incorporating calming colors like dark gray-blue, soft gray, icy blue, white, and a soft neutral green. Muted hues or pale pastels would also pair beautifully with this soothing palette. For added benefit, infuse these colors into high-stress rooms, such as a home office or kitchen.

5. Rad Accents

Think quality over quantity. When you opt for fewer accessories, it draws attention to a piece's details that you might not normally notice. Add a quirky pillow to your sofa. Or, instead of piling a stack of books your coffee table just for show, place one or two that you might actually read. Whether it be a novel, newspaper, or magazine, just make sure that you use it. If you love to color, then keep an adult coloring book at arm's reach.

6. Lovely Lighting

Set the mood with a twinkling chandelier, flickering candle, brilliant pendant, or mod lamp. Soft lighting can make it easier to relax. And beautiful fixtures add effortless style to a space.

7. Mod Mirrors

Use an oversize mirror to add drama and take up empty space on blank walls without contributing to unwanted clutter. Plus, it'll make the room feel more spacious. Use this hack in a hallway, entryway, or small bathroom.

8. Refreshing Aromas

It's easy to unwind after a long day when you have a stress-relieving fragrance at hand. Save a few dollars by making your own reed diffuser, or invest in some mood-boosting candles. Either way, when you smell something good, you'll feel great.

9. Organize

Organizing made easy! Tangled cords are no longer a problem with a pretty charging station. And planning is a cinch when you have a handy agenda to keep track of appointments, important dates, and more.

10. Natural Wood

Think of wood as a neutral. Whether it's salvaged, reclaimed, or driftwood, the much-coveted material brings a certain level of tranquility. The natural material works wonderfully as a floating shelf, wall art, or furniture.


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