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Expert decorating advice is helpful when it's time to decorate your space. It never hurts to have some expert decorating tips to guide you. We've gathered expert tips to bring you advice that will help balance style and function throughout your space with expert home advice.You don't have to hire an interior designer when you have decorating advice and ideas here.

More Expert Decorating Advice

Are You Arranging Your Furniture Wrong?

If the furniture isn't arranged right, even the most beautiful of rooms can fall short. So how do you create a successful layout? For starters, avoid these furniture arranging mistakes. But if you're guilty (we've all been there!), fear not—it's easy to rectify with these tricks.
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The Most Iconic Home Trends of the 2010s

Some came and went (RIP, chevron), but others (like matte black) are here to stay. Take a walk down memory lane with our roundup of most memorable interior design trends of the past decade.