Dark florals aren't just for spring. In fact, these gorgeous prints look good all year. Though the trend can seem intimidating at first, these tips make it easy to style dark floral wallpaper, art, and more.
dark floral wallpaper

Classic color combinations go together for a reason -- they create balance in a space. Try combining dark florals with lighter, neutral tones. This room pairs statement-making black floral wallpaper with a white painted floor. Accessories in both light and dark shades create further contrast.

2. Find Freshness

green floral wallpaper

Add some life to your dark floral home decor with fresh foliage. Pairing a floral print with flowers might seem over-the-top, but when done correctly, it adds three-dimensional character to an otherwise ordinary space. These simple carnation arrangements pop against the room's dark green wallpaper, and their bright colors keep the space from looking frumpy.

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3. Pay Attention to Details

blue flower wallpaper

Dark floral patterns are known for their intricacies. Pay attention and use those small details throughout the rest of your space. This dining room picks up on the chartreuse flower buds on the wallpaper and integrates accessories of the same shade.

4. Go Neutral

Dark Floral Decor

Dark floral patterns can be extremely busy. Take out some of the complexity by choosing a neutral print with low contrast. This wallpaper is easy to match, but its differing shades of gray add depth. Silver accessories complete the monochromatic look.

5. Make a Statement

Wall and Pillow Print Projects

Dark floral statement art can be as eye-catching as a full wallcovering, but it involves less work. Purchase or create a piece of dark floral artwork, then hang it in an entryway, a hallway, or any space that's lacking a little love. An eclectic floral painting goes well with a Queen Anne chair in this neutral nook.

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