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March 6, 2006

Dear Reader,

With just two weeks to St. Patrick's Day, many of us are beginning to think "green" in anticipation of the holiday when everyone claims to have a little touch of the Irish.

Whether you plan on hosting an Irish-themed party complete with traditional Irish songs, or are just doing a craft project with your kids, has some sweetly green ideas for the celebration.

And for anyone who doesn't go all out for St. Patrick's Day, we have several other features below that you may find appealing.

Until next week,

Glenna Morton, Senior Editor, House & Home Channel,

Send an E-ard for St. Patrick's Day

New Designs for Your Desktop!

Home Decor in Green

More St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Leprechaun Hat Project

March 13, 2006

Dear Reader,

Though adding art to a room is a great way to finish off a decorating project, it can also be an expensive proposition. And once you have a piece framed, the overall cost of artwork can skyrocket even higher.

Yet even if pricey oil paintings, prints, and other original artworks may not be in your budget, it's nice to hang something pretty on those empty walls.

I've found some great DIY projects for wall art that won't break the bank:

Until next week,

Glenna Morton, Senior Editor, House & Home Channel,

Cottage Plate Display

Hang Up a Tray

March 20, 2006

Dear Reader,

Though bath makeovers can be wildly expensive, there are times when all a room may need is a weekend update.

For example, if your layout and cabinets are fine, try giving your bath a fresh lease on life by installing an artistic focal point sink.

When your vanity is from the 1970s, however, it's probably time to rip it out and refresh the room with paint, new lighting, a pretty mirror, and a furniture-style cabinet that can be retrofitted to include a sink and faucet.

Do you have an unused nook space or awkward closet? Give that area a gorgeous update with a painted chest, buffet lamps, and a space-expanding mirror.

And if you have a hard time seeing your space in a new way, try this article with 1 small bath done in 3 unique styles. You're sure to get inspired!

Finally, play around with new looks in a bath by using our popular tool, Color-a-Room.

Until next week,

Glenna Morton, Senior Editor, House & Home Channel,

Small-Space Bath

1 Sink, 3 Ways

New Bath Gadgets

10 Bath Luxuries


March 27, 2006

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed that decorative paint techniques continue to be popular -- though they've taken on a softer, subtle quality that appears more natural and visually interesting than the sponge-paint days of yore.

For example, crinkle painting involves the removal of color using sheets of plastic that are first pressed into the fresh paint, then peeled away to leave a lightly textured finish. Vary the look with color, adding more layers, or experimenting with sizes and weights of plastic. This article includes supplies and materials as well as step-by-step instructions, tips, and color options.

Not sure you want crinkle? Take a look at more lovely options below for decorative painting.

Until next week,

Glenna Morton, Senior Editor, House & Home Channel,

Creative Crinkle

Paint Basics

More Paint Projects


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