15 Stylish Ways to Decorate with a TV

living room with teal couches yellow accents
Photo: Brie Williams

A television is a necessary fixture in many living rooms. When decorating with a TV, you can either display it prominently as the focal point or minimize its appearance with a few design tricks. These ideas on where to place a TV, how to decorate around one, and how to store electronic components will help you create a setup that suits your style.

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TV Over Fireplace

Mancini home tour living room
Melanie Acevedo

A TV mounted over the fireplace is a classic living room setup. Here, the wires run through the wall behind the TV, so no electrical components are visible. Adding style to the TV wall, a narrow mantel below the screen holds a collection of seashells, while built-in shelves on either side sport a mustard yellow paint job for a bright pop of color.

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Large TV Ideas

Living room with rug, fireplace, and coffee table
David A Land

A large TV naturally stands out as the focal point of this room. Mounting the set on a wall frees up floor space elsewhere and creates a more simplified look. To manage the cords, plan to either carry them through the wall or use cord covers ($26, The Home Depot) that run along the wall to disguise their appearance.

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Built-In Shelving Surround

Living room with white shelving and TV
David Tsay

A TV surrounded by built-in shelving serves as an eye-catching media center. With this solution, you can fill the space with more than just a black box, adding in some color and personality with books, art, found objects, and plants. Cabinets, drawers, and shelves can be used to house cables, remotes, and other electronic components.

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TV Furniture Ideas

living room with teal couches yellow accents
Brie Williams

Use furniture to frame a wall-mounted television and make the set's placement appear more purposeful. Here, two gold shelving units lined with books and accessories flank the TV, taking the place of traditional built-ins. A yellow-accented credenza below provides a stylish spot to stash electronic components.

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Decorating with a TV

Living room with blue seating and TV
James Nathan Schroder

Blank television screens give the effect of a giant black square on the wall. To downplay the TV's appearance when it's not on, consider painting the wall behind it a dark color. In this living room, the TV is set against a deep charcoal accent wall, which makes the screen look less jarring than it would against a white wall.

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Off-Center TV Placement

living room white couch blue chairs
Kim Cornelison

There's no rule that says the TV needs to be in the center of the wall. If your living room is more typically used for conversation rather than screen time, it might make sense to prioritize a cozy furniture arrangement then add in a TV where it fits. Attach the set to the wall using a swivel TV mount so you can swing out the screen and adjust the angle when needed.

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TV Gallery Wall

Sitting area with tv and framed artwork on wall
Helen Norman

Incorporate a small television into a gallery wall to effectively disguise its presence. In this arrangement, the artwork's simple black frames mimic the style of the TV frame, helping the screen blend in. The TV is smaller than the largest piece of wall art, so it fits nicely within the display.

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Surround TV with Art

gallery wall with flatscreen tv above vintage Hollywood Regency credenza
David Tsay

Surround your television with an eclectic roundup of art pieces to create a stylish display. Mount framed prints in a variety of sizes on the wall in a loose, casual arrangement. Then, add in the TV as if the rectangular shape is just another piece of work to fit into the mix.

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TVs and Fireplaces

neutral living room white fireplace
Erin Kunkel

Before mounting a television over a fireplace mantel, check with the manufacturer that it's safe to place your set there. Fireplace heat typically doesn't make much of a difference on the wall above, but you might want to check the surface temperature when the fire is lit just to be safe. Here, wall sconces flank the screen for a balanced look.

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TV Placement Ideas

white living room with fireplace and built-in entertainment center
John Bessler

Don't be afraid to make the television a minor player in the room. This family room is used for more than just watching TV, so the set is tucked away to the side. The homeowners can pull up a chair and watch whenever they'd like without the technology dominating the room when guests are over and conversation is flowing.

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Decor Around the TV

living room brown leather sofa
Kat Teutsch

Your screen shouldn't be the only prominent piece on the wall, even if it is a large screen. Use the mantel or a line of shelves along the wall above or below to display artwork, family photos, plants, antiques, and other accessories. Choose at least one or two large-scale pieces that will balance the TV's size.

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Hide the TV Components

living room layout green highlights
Edmund Barr

When decorating with a TV, remember that you'll need storage space to place the components such as your AppleTV or DVD player, and you'll want to hide those ugly cords and wires. A simple shelf can provide a place to mount the bulkier components, while baskets are great for hiding wires and storing games and movies.

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Pair a TV with Built-ins

great room builtin shelving with fireplace
Paul Dyer

If you don't want your television to dominate the living room, consider incorporating it into a classic wall of built-in shelving. This corner TV placement allows the fireplace to take center stage while the screen is still clearly visible. Televisions come in standard sizes, so even if you upgrade to a new model, you should be able to switch it out easily, assuming you don't take a huge leap in size. Use the cabinets and shelving to camouflage components.

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TV Entertainment Centers

White chest tv and pictures on wall
Robert Brinson

Though mounting a flat-screen on the wall is a popular choice, placing your TV on a great-looking entertainment center is a simple solution that doesn't inflict any damage to walls. A thrift-store dresser, armoire, or vintage metal gym lockers can all work as a stylish stand for the TV. Consider adding a new coat of paint and some custom holes to snake out the wires.

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Hidden TV Design

tv set up in window seat
Gordon Beall

If you only watch television on special occasions, consider hidden TV storage. A concealed panel inside this window seat opens and a TV pulls out. For an off-the-shelf solution, place your set on a rolling cabinet or casters, so you can wheel it out of the room into a closet or other storage space. That way, you can use the room for all sorts of purposes, and the TV isn't taking up space when not needed.

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