8 Essential Items Every Entryway Needs

Entryways are usually quite small, so make the most of your space by sticking to necessities. These are the eight items—including a coat rack and a mirror—your entryway actually needs.

1. A Sturdy Coat Rack

When guests come to visit, don't just throw their coats onto the bed or the back of the sofa. Store them in style on a standing or hanging coat rack. This entryway coat rack is mounted above a bench, creating the perfect spot for removing coats, hats, bags, scarves, and other everyday items.

2. A Weather-Resistant Rug or Mat

A cute area rug can add cheer to any space, and it's practical, too! A small mat makes it easy for guests to wipe their shoes as they enter, plus it collects dirt and water during wet weather. A large area rug that can be easily laundered prevents floor stains and keeps slick surfaces slip-free.

3. No-Fuss Seating

Seating is a key part of your entryway. Whether it's a bench, stool, or chair, seating gives your guests a spot to sit down and take off their shoes. When shoes come off at the door, less dirt and mess gets tracked into your home. Keep seating casual so guests feel welcome and family members stay comfortable while putting on coats and bags.

4. Grab-and-Go Storage

Whether it's a fancy armoire or cheap plastic cubbies, every entryway needs some kind of storage. Stash basic items—like umbrellas, shoe polish, and extra coats—inside a storage unit like a revamped dresser or sofa table. Make sure items you use on a daily basis, like keys, your wallet, and charging devices, can be easily accessed.

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5. Fresh Flowers

Let a blooming bouquet be the first pop of bright color your guests see when they walk in your front door. Go for a classic, low-maintenance flower you can keep up year-round, such as an orchid plant. Or switch up flowers with the change of each season.

6. Accent Mirror

There's always time for one more makeup check before you rush out the door. A mirror makes it easy to see if you're missing anything, and it can act as an eye-catching focal point for a small entryway. Look for a mirror with a bold frame, and hang it above a storage console for an instant entryway upgrade.

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7. Overhead Lighting

The first thing you do when you come home to an empty house is turn on a light. Make it as effortless as possible by installing an overhead light in the entryway. Whether you choose a pretty pendant light or recessed lighting, be sure the switch is within an arm's reach of the front door. 

8. Fun Accents

Your entryway is a guest's first impression of your home. Make sure that you have a few personal artifacts that pay homage to the rest of your home and its style. Think fun throw pillows, knickknacks, and wall art

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  1. Sadly, the 'open room' concept is killing off entry ways and leaving people with no option but to walk right into the middle of someones living room. I think it is a horrible concept and needs to change. I'd love to incorporate some of these ideas if I could just find a home without an open room floor plan!

    1. I agree. Create an entry way by putting up a wall, or using a screen as a divider. You could also use a large open bookcase to divide....with, or without bottom cabinets.

  2. I love the paint color in No. 6! Can I get the name of it please?

  3. I would love to do something with our entry, if it were wide enough!A mirror on one wall will have to do it!

  4. The paint color in No. 6 is Benjamin Moore Leisure Green (2035-60).

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