Even if your home doesn't have a foyer, these DIY solutions will help you hack your way to an entryway. We found small-space solutions -- like hanging shelves, narrow tables, and cute cubbies -- so you can store more in your faux entryway with style.

By Katie Bandurski

Convenience is key with this faux entryway. A wall-mount shelf houses keys, sunglasses, and other rushing-out-the-door essentials, while a shapely mirror allows for last-minute checks. Be sure to use a shallow shelf, or you risk nicking the door each time it opens.

2. Individual Cubbies

For busy families, organization is key to getting out the door on time. This entry space, carved from a blank hallway wall, is styled after a locker room. Kid-accessible baskets and coat hooks hold shoes, backpacks, and other everyday items. Labeled tote bags in cubbies give sporting goods and seasonal supplies permanent homes.

3. Open and Shut

A hyperorganized closet can double as an entryway. Hooks of varying heights hold jackets, backpacks, and purses, while floating shelves keep shoes in check. Contrasting patterns give this closet personality and add depth. Plus, unlike an actual entryway, you can simply close the door when guests come over.

4. Kitchen Corner

If your door opens directly into the kitchen, add a freestanding island cart. This versatile furniture piece holds extra cookware and doubles as a prep or serving station. A simple hook tucked behind this kitchen door holds aprons, reusable grocery bags, and purses. A giant wall hanging adds character.

Our Best Small-Space Decorating Ideas

5. Coatrack Charm

A vintage coatrack keeps hats, umbrellas, and outerwear organized. Tucked behind the door, the rack is convenient but not in the way. An intricate table adds charm and storage, while a chalkboard is the perfect place to scribble last-minute reminders.

6. Wine at the Ready

Sometimes after a long day of work, all you need is a glass of wine, so why not have it at the ready when you walk in the door? A rustic folding table mimics this room's built-in X-shape wine rack and complements shiplap paneling. When company comes, eliminate one of your hosting duties by setting up a self-serve beverage station at the door. 

7. Cheery and Bright

This inspiring entry, fashioned from an awkward half-wall, keeps it simple with a bright, jewel-tone table, fresh-cut flowers, and a motivational poster. A vintage bin organizes shoes, while a chevron rug catches dirt and debris.

8. Color Explosion

Let your accessories do the talking. An intricately carved table topped with glossy orange lamps and turquoise knickknacks is impressively eye-catching against white walls. Stacks of books on the bottom shelf, which doubles as living room storage, add additional color.

9. Bench Press

Edmund Barr

Park a bench inside your doorway for a fake entrway that's both practical and pretty. The slight details on this wooden bench give the piece character, while its location makes it easy for guests to take a seat and remove their shoes. Hanging hooks take the place of a traditional coatrack, and a basket beneath the bench organizes small items.

10. For the Dogs

Keep all of the essentials for your family friend in one spot. Fido will love curling up in his own corner -- especially with his food and water bowl close by. Bountiful cabinet space holds extra food and toys, while wall hooks contain collars and leashes until it's time for a walk.

11. Store More

Inspired by office file cabinets, these cubed units give everything a place. Assign kids their own cubbies to store school supplies or outdoor gear. On weeknights, have kids stock their storage container with everything they'll need the next day. Attach magnetic fan folders and hooks to the side to keep keys and mail organized. 

12. Vintage Charm

Old furniture is perfect for repurposing. A vintage desk, dresser, or armoire near the front door collects everyday items but is also a conversation piece. This particular piece evokes country French charm; fresh florals and a hinged lamp complement the look.

13. Going Up

When your home opens directly to a staircase, it can be difficult to find a spot for an entryway. In this case, a gilded dining room chair offers guests a spot to sit and take off their shoes, while a curved newel holds a purse.

14. Mirror, Mirror

Create dimension by stacking a sunburst mirror on top of a traditional rectangular design. The double reflection makes your home appear larger. A small decorative table holds a stack of books and a statement-making planter.

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Comments (2)

February 4, 2020
Unlike the earlier poster, I appreciate the different ideas. I just moved into a smaller house so am always looking for ways to maximize the space. As far as examples #12 and #14, with careful measuring and furniture placement they work well. I hadn't thought of using a table with"cut" edges but that really helps give the door more clearance space. I used a similar setup and have no bad experiences with the door hitting the furniture. To be extra careful I put a decorative iron doorstop closest to the table edge, just in case a gust of wind blew the door further than normal. Also it's important to note location of hinges, since items (like the boots in example #12) being further from the hinges means they have the full swing of the door before distance becomes an issue. Even with a larger space it's important to measure, measure, measure before assuming a magazine photo will look the same in your home.
January 17, 2020
I don't know who thinks these things up, but for the most part, they are out of their minds! A door opening onto a table? Good grief, those doors will hit the tables and, especially the one near the bottom with the huge mirror and the bust on the table. You don't think that, when someone is coming in and not being really careful, that the door won't hit the table, knocking over the bust and cracking the mirror? Or the one with the table and the boots by the back edge of the door. The door can't open more than 6" before hitting the boots, knocking them into the table and knocking things on the table over. Come on, don't go for beauty, go for practicality. When you set this up, have someone come in who opens a door in a normal manner, especially if carrying packages. A lot of the ideas on this site are just ridiculous! Try it out before you post it.