Fresh Decorating Ideas to Reset Your Space

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Press the reset button on your decor. Need a little inspo? We've got you covered with a smattering of trends to try now, DIY updates, and twists on standard decorating ideas, because you don't need to be told that paint will give your rooms a new look. Here's how to take your decorating updates to the next level.

Faux Fireplace

Scout out an old mantel from an architectural salvage shop or flea market and you have yourself a brand new focal point for your living room. Mount it to the wall and treat it like you would a real fireplace -- sans fire, of course. Decorate the mantel, arrange your furniture to face it, and add an interesting fireplace filler.

No time to decorate? No problem! These super quick decorating updates will have your look refreshed in just 10 minutes.

Quickest Updates

Want a fresh look, but don't have much time? Then this video is for you. Watch and see how you can reset your look in 10 minutes or less. 

Layered Rugs

What's better than one rug? Two! Layer a smaller rug on top of a larger one to add dimension to a room. In this living room, the smaller rug defines the seating group. This trick works well if you have your eye on a rug that's a little pricey. If you start with a simple, solid base rug, you can buy a smaller, less expensive rug to add the pattern you crave.

Three home bloggers give their best tips for putting together a gorgeous gallery wall.

Gallery Wall

Sure, they're nothing new, but it's still a smart way to wake up a boring wall. Watch and get tips for making a gallery wall fresh and fun.

Two-Tone It

Take a new paint job to the next level by going for not one, but two colors. Paint strips make it easy to discern what hues to use. Pick your color of choice and coat one wall with one of the darker colors on the strip, then coat the rest of the walls with a color that's a shade or two lighter on the same strip. 

Painted Doors

Front doors painted in fun, bright colors may be appearing on your block. Apply the same idea to your interior doors for a fresh pop of color.

Bedding Mix

Bedding sets are easy because everything is already pulled together for you. But the overall look can sometimes lack a little pizzazz. Swap out one or two items in your bedding set for something new, such as bright blue shams that pick up on the stripe in your duvet.

With the foundation of a basic bedding set, you can dress up your bed in any number of ways with pillows, throws, and more. Here are three ways that get the combination right, and they all start with the same bedding essentials.

One Bed, Three Ways

Need a little bedding inspiration? Check out these three different ways to dress a bed.

Reclaim Your Space

That odd corner or empty void on the far side of your living room? It's time to make something out of it. Add a small table and set of chairs to your living room and you have a mini office, party buffet, and game table, all in one. Outfit a nook with shelves, a bulletin board, and a tabletop for extra storage and a command center.


Wallpaper is a decorating tool that is back and better than ever. Fresh colors, patterns, and textures bring wallpaper back into the spotlight as a sophisticated option for walls. For a small change, consider wallpapering just one wall in a room or the back of a bookshelf.

Bring pattern to your walls with wallpaper. Here's how to wallpaper with ease.

Wallpaper: Do It Yourself!

Watch and learn how to wallpaper like a pro.

Unexpected Color

In love with a bright color, but know it won't work in large strokes? Show off your new favorite color inside a bookcase or built-in. Paint the back of the shelves in your chosen color and let it add an unexpected surprise to your room.

At a Diagonal

If you're springing for new floors, consider laying the planks on a diagonal for an unexpected twist.

Easy Change Color

For a less permanent take on a pop of color, look to pillows, which can be purchased (or made) for a song and are easy to switch out. Buy a few basic pillow forms, then buy or make new pillow covers when the itch for a new look strikes.

Geodes and Agates

Bring geology into your decor. Include real geodes and agates in a vignette. Or take the less literal route and use fabric or pillows bearing geode and agate patterns.

Step Up Your Stairs

Give your stairway a little more presence with a simple spruce-up. Paint a running stripe on the risers or even write out a phrase with a few words on each riser. 

Enlarge a Fave Photo

Flip through your phone's camera roll or your Instagram photos and there's sure to be a pic that makes you say, "I should frame that." Go for it, but do it in a big way. Many photo printing services offer enlargements in sizes beyond the basic 4x6. Some sites even will print your photos on canvas. How's that for personalized art?


Lauded for its warmth and sheen, gold is a must-have metal in decor. It brings both richness and coziness to a space. Try a burnished finish for a subtle look.

Barndoor Headboard

Sliding barn doors are big, but what if you don't have a spot for one? How about using them as an eye-catching headboard instead? They'll lend a rustic-industrial vibe to your bedroom and create a strong focal point. Just be sure to use sturdy mounting hardware so that the doors are secure.

Industrial Rustic

Combine utilitarian and rough-hewn for an of-the-moment look. Both industrial and rustic decor imbue a utilitarian feel. Industrial style takes its inspiration from machinery, and rustic elements are drawn from rural settings. Get the look by using metals and woods with worn finishes, clean-lined furnishings, and plenty of chic gray.

Prettier Seats

Don't settle for basic when it comes to your dining room chair seats. Hone in on a statement-making fabric and recover your cushions. It's okay if this fabric is a little daring, because, unless you have seating for 20 in your dining room, you'll be using it in a relatively small dose.  

Discover how to define your decorating style with these helpful insights and ideas.

What's Your Style?

Figuring out your style is one of the first steps in creating decor you'll love. Watch this video to learn the secrets to defining your style.

Dark Walls

Stand out amongst a sea of white and almost-white walls with a moody hue of charcoal gray, so-blue-it's-almost-black, or the darkest of chocolates. These drama-inducing hues look fab with a sprinkling of pure white and vibrant mid-tone colors, such as peacock blue or pumpkin orange.

Patterned Furniture

True, solid-color fabrics will stand the test of time, but they don't offer much in the way of visual variety. If you're in the market for new upholstery and you're craving something a little different, look to patterns, but keep it subtle. Small-scale patterns, such as stripes or simple geometrics, in tone on-tone colorways are versatile enough to adapt to trends, but add a little more kick than your standard vanilla sofa. 

Screen Time

Curtains, shades, and...screens? While not exactly a standard window treatment, folding screens can perform many of the same functions while serving up something a little different. Decorative screens can block a not-so-hot view and provide privacy. Plus you can stash stuff behind them (hello extra storage!) and they add a little more visual weight to a space.

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