When temperatures drop, radiators are a welcome cold weather companion, but they can be a decorating eyesore. Whether you want to hide them, disguise them, or show them off, here are a few brilliant ways to keep your decor looking cool while you turn up the heat.

dining room

This built-in bench is a design triple threat: It cleverly conceals the radiator, adds warmth, and infuses the kitchen with character. Matching trim on the bench and walls brings the whole look together. Topped with a padded cushion and fluffy pillows, this bench is the perfect spot for brunch-time (or anytime) lounging.

Stylish Shelf

window decor

Have a large radiator that grabs all the attention? Turn a negative into a positive by securing a long shelf above it, which creates a stage for dramatic displays and eye-catching accessories. Painting the radiator the same color as the wall helps to downplay its size.

It's All in the Details

radiator cover
Image: Rambling Renovators

A well-designed cover can help your radiator look as hot as it feels. From traditional to modern, you can find or build a radiator cover that suits your style by considering details like screen pattern, materials, and paint or stain finish. Making full use of this narrow entryway, the cute cubbies on this DIY radiator cover provide an ideal spot for drying mittens and storing keys.

A Simple Disguise

Table and clock in country home

Why not hide your radiator in plain sight? Here, an elegant demilune table disguises the radiator underneath and draws your eye to the window. Neutral paint tones and simple accessories play up the charm, while the rounded and open table design allows warm air and traffic to flow freely around the room.

Box It In


This clever solution is all about thinking in the box. Take the chill out of mealtime by transforming a dining room radiator into a handy servery for everyday entertaining. With traditional details including a cupboard catch lock, bronze hinges, and enclosed storage, this radiator becomes a handsome and functional piece of furniture.


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