7 Things You Need to Make the Perfect Reading Nook

Grab a book and stay awhile!

What better distraction from the snow-covered streets than the comfort you find curled up fireside with a really good book? In fact, we don't even mind the cold weather if it gives us an excuse to stay inside! While the kids escape into the frosty weather, sleds in tow, take some time to yourself to unwind, to relax, and to turn those winter blues upside-down. We came up with a list of everything you need for the perfect winter reading nook. Once you're settled in, don't you dare lift a finger. You deserve this!

1. Cozy Up

We are pretty sure it is physically impossible to read without a blanket. Grab your favorite afghan or knit one up yourself to create the perfect cozy corner. Plus, if you fall into a post-reading slumber, you'll be all set!

2. Bright Lights

If you're lucky enough to find a book you can't look away from, you might lose track of time. Be sure to have a lamp nearby before the sun goes down and leaves you in the dark. Straining your eyes is a big no-no in reading nooks!

3. Healthy Snacks

Snack time is for adults, too! Grab some finger food to munch on all day long that won't distract you from your book. But be mindful of the snacks you choose! Stay away from buttery popcorn or cheese-dusted anything to avoid leaving stains on the pages.

4. Tear Jerker

There is no shame in a little blubbering. Keep a pack of tissues close for when things take a sad turn in your book. For extra flair, make our DIY tissue-pack cover. You'll be thankful later. This is so much better than wiping tears on your sleeve!

5. Something to Drink

Imma Eat That

Wine is a staple at our book club meetings, but when you're playing mixologist for one, treat yourself to something more special. This creamy, delicious red wine hot chocolate is perfect for cold days with long books.

6. Extra Heat

Adrianne Surian

If you're perpetually cold, this is definitely for you. Make yourself a DIY heated neck pillow for your reading nook. This will warm you right up, and the essential oils inside make for healing aromatherapy – just what you need to stave off the winter blues.

7. Saved Spot

Simple Serendipities

As all good things do, your time to yourself will have to come to an end. Don't harm the condition of your book by folding over the page corners, though! Make this perfectly adorable felt bookmark to hold your place until you return to your reading nook again.


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