Don't get left in the dark with a room that falls short on sunlight. Our three simple solutions for brightening a room will have your space feeling sunnier in no time.

By BH&G Editors
Updated April 17, 2019

When you're going to bed at night, a dark, cozy den can be great. However, when you're in your bedroom throughout the day, you want it to be light, bright, and airy. Small rooms especially can start to feel dim. If your bedroom (or any room of your house) feels too dark and dingy, don't despair. These three easy tips will help you instantly brighten your room without a major remodel, and you might just feel sunnier yourself!

Trick 1: Exchange Lightbulbs

If you're still using incandescent lightbulbs, the first step is to get rid of them! It's time to use LED lightbulbs instead. These bulbs last longer and are energy-efficient. Many LED bulbs are adjustable, so you can change their brightness depending on the time of day. Are you a sucker for the look of old school lightbulbs? Good news! You don’t have to give up the look you want for the performance of LEDs. Today LED bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit with lamps and ceiling light fixtures that previously held incandescent bulbs.

Want to learn more about lighting? From LEDs in the kitchen to the newest lighting trends, there are more ways you can achieve the lighting you love in every room.

Trick 2: Trade Curtains

If you have thick curtain panels, trade them out for sheer curtains. These lightweight curtains allow more natural light to flow into a room. Natural light bouncing off soft colored walls will instantly add bright cheeriness to any room. If privacy is a concern, layer sheers over traditional blinds or a blackout window shade to maximize light during the day and create a cozy space at night. Sheer curtains are also a great option for dining rooms and living spaces where you want to capture as much natural light as possible.

Even if you don't want to buy curtains, you can easily make your own. It’s simple to sew up curtains for your own windows with a little fabric. Find out how, plus learn a few more tips and tricks about buying and hanging curtains. Finally, find out which window treatment ideas will fit with your style!

Trick 3: Replace Art With a Mirror

If you have room, blend artwork and a mirror on your wall. However, if something has to give in a small room, it should be the art. A mirror will bounce light around a room, so it can add both light and dimension to the space, making the area seem not only lighter and brighter, but bigger as well. 

If you're missing an artistic touch, choose a shapely mirror with a fun design. Sunburst mirrors are a popular choice for a splash of energy in a room. Bold mirror frames can speak volumes about your style. They can be sleek and understated, rustic and natural, or colorful and eclectic. There are so many different styles of mirrors; don't be afraid to look around and find one that matches your aesthetic.

If you want to explore more mirror options, check out this article. These mirrors really show how much of a statement piece mirrors can be. They'll totally transform the look of your room!

Bonus Tricks for Brightening Up a Room

Still want to make your room lighter, brighter, or warmer? There are other ways to keep making improvements to your space! One of the biggest things to consider is paint color. A warm white paint amplifies the natural light in any room. Consider a white finish on furnishings or cabinetry for an especially bright feel. Wall art with thick white mats around the designs in another way to breathe neutral tones into a small space.

For a sunny feel all day long, paint the walls with a touch of yellow. Think buttery shades, you don’t want anything overpowering like mustard yellow. Pretty pastels, such as a peachy pink or celadon green, would also lighten a dark space and give the room some personality. Before repainting anything, always test colors on the wall of the room you are painting so you can see how the color changes throughout the day.  


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