Decorating Basics

Decorating basics are what you need to know before you even start your project. Our basic decorating information gives an array of innovative ideas to ease your mind and to take the guesswork out of arranging your home. We have an array of innovative decorating ideas to ease your mind and to take the guesswork out of arranging your home.

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Hang Art on Any Wall with These Picture-Perfect Tips

These techniques will help you display your favorite pictures and paintings like a pro.
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How to Make Natural Fabric Dyes

Don’t throw out that orange peel just yet—you could turn it into pretty homemade dye! Follow these instructions to make natural dyes from basic grocery store ingredients.
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If You Grew Up in the '90s, This Will Take You Back to Your Childhood Home

Want to take a trip down memory lane? Grab some Dunkaroos and a CapriSun and reminisce about the glory days of the 1990s with us. If any (or all) of these things made an appearance in your childhood home, you're definitely a '90s kid.
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8 Essential Items Every Entryway Needs

Make the most of this small space by sticking with a few necessary items. We'll show you everything your entryway needs to be both stylish and functional.
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More Decorating Basics

How to Arrange Furniture: No-Fail Tricks

Arranging furniture is one of the most daunting—yet most important—design decisions. These common scenarios will teach you the basics of furniture design.
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Stylish Solutions for Awkward Spaces

In case you haven't heard, awkward is the new cool. Embrace that small corner, uneven nook, or shallow mantel with these stylish tricks that will make you wish you thought of them sooner.
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Beautiful Entryway Built-Ins You'll Want to Copy ASAP

Entryways can be organizational hot spots—you just need the right tools. These built-in cubbies, cabinets, and benches will help whip your entryway into tip-top shape and inspire your next remodel.