Lions and tigers, oh my! This DIY baby crib mobile is an easy handmade craft for your little one's room. Perfect for a safari-theme nursery or any animal-loving kid's room!

July 11, 2018

You don't need to be a carpenter or professional sewer to make this easy DIY baby mobile. This no-sew craft project is perfect for a safari-theme nursery or zoo-theme kid's room. Use a felting tool and our easy instructions to learn how to make your own baby mobile. Plus, our free downloadable template makes it easy to cut perfect animal shapes every time!

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Kind of Hard
  • Involves Felting

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Heads Up

Print and cut out our free downloadable circle template and use it to cut two 3-inch circles from light brown felt for the lion's face. Then cut one 5-inch circle from darker brown felt—this will become the lion's mane.

Get the FREE circle template
Step 2

Making Faces

Use the downloadable lion template to cut out a nose and ears for the lion's face (we used black and pink for these). Here's where the felting comes in: Using the felting tool, felt the inner ear pieces to the outer ear pieces. Repeatedly pressing the needles of the tool through both layers of felt will fuse the materials together. Set these aside and use the tool to felt the nose onto one of the smaller light brown felt circles, then attach both ears. When these are finished, draw on the eyes with a black permanent marker.

Get the FREE lion template
Step 3

Piece Together

Position the larger circular pieces on the felting mat: Put down the large dark brown circle first, then set the plain light brown circle on top. Add a small pile of polyester fiberfill on top of the light brown circle, and then place the light brown circle with the lion's nose and ears on top of the fiberfill. Place this circle faceup so the eyes are looking up at you, then use the felting tool to felt all the pieces together. Once it's felted, you can make small cuts in the mane to create fringe.

Step 4

Animal Friends

Once you've made the lion, give him a few safari friends! Repeat these felting steps to create a zebra, giraffe, and monkey and a sun. Don't worry about freehanding those animals—we've got you covered with another free template. You may want to trace parts of the templates onto tracing paper to make small individual pieces to use on the felt. We did this to create the giraffe's spots so we could keep the large shape in one piece. If you don't have tracing paper, just make sure to cut the main outline of the animal before you cut the smaller shapes inside.

Get the FREE animal template
Step 5

Prep the Pieces

Start with two lightweight pieces of wood—wooden paint stir sticks work well, or something of similar size and weight. If you use paint stir sticks with a company logo printed on them, you might want to paint or stain the sticks so the logo isn't visible. Measure and mark the center of each piece of wood; this is where you'll drill a small hole in both pieces of wood. Once you've drilled the center holes, add two more holes to both pieces of wood, about a half-inch from each end. There should be three holes total in each piece of wood.

Step 6

Attach the Pieces

To attach the animal shapes to the mobile, thread a 12-inch piece of yarn through the back of each animal (as close to the top as you can) and tie a knot to secure the animal to the yarn. Start putting the mobile together by placing the two pieces of wood on top of each other so the middle holes line up. Then thread the piece of yarn attached to the sun through the middle holes and tie a knot. The knot should be large enough that it can sit on top of the drilled holes and keep the felted shape hanging in place. When the sun is in place, twist an eye hook through the middle holes to attach the two wood pieces together. Make sure the pieces are exactly perpendicular with 90-degree angles so the mobile will hang straight. Once those are attached, thread the rest of the animals through the remaining four holes and knot the yarn to attach.

Step 7

Hang the Mobile

To hang the mobile, thread string or yarn through the eye hook and hang it from the ceiling. If the mobile doesn't hang evenly, you can open one or two of the animals (gently pull at the sides where the main pieces are felted together to create a small opening) and add a penny to the fiberfill to weight it down just a touch. Then close it up again with the felting tool. If you do add additional weights to the animals, we don’t recommend hanging the DIY baby mobile over a crib or bed.


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