This Candle Makes My Space Smell Like a Woodsy Campfire

And it’s on sale now.

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Roasting marshmallows around a campfire in the forested yard of my family's Upstate New York home is, in my opinion, the perfect way to end a summer day. Since it's January now and too cold in the Northeast to spend more than a few minutes outside, my favorite pastime feels lightyears away. Thanks to a quick and easy Amazon search, however, I was able to find the next best thing that more than 2,300 other shoppers love.

It's called the Illume Woodfire candle, and it's my favorite Amazon purchase in a long time (and I shop online for a living). This campfire candle has notes of cedarwood, patchouli, and vanilla that combine to smell exactly like an open fire pit under the stars—slightly sweet, a little smokey, and totally nostalgic. Plus, the woodsy design on the outside of the candle only adds to the effect. It's actually better than the real thing in two major ways: I don't have to worry about getting smoke in my eyes, and cleanup is as easy as blowing out the flame.

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Buy It: Illume Woodfire Scented Candle, from $9 (was $15), Amazon

The campfire candle is currently available in four different sizes (3, 9, 11.8, and 22 ounces), based on the holder you choose, two of which—the Vanity Tin and Demi Vanity Tin—are currently on sale for up to 38% off. I purchased the 11.8-ounce Vanity Tin option, and though I've been lighting it each night since mid-December, it barely looks used. Illume says this size should last a total of 50 hours worth of burn time, which feels like a conservative estimate at this point.

I'm far from the only fan of this campfire scent. "There is nothing to dislike about this candle," one shopper wrote. "All of the scents are amazing, but for winter, Woodfire is the best. When you light this candle you can imagine sitting by a fire. It's not overpowering, just a homey, relaxing, fragrant fireside scent."

Another reviewer said, "This is the most rustic, genuine fireplace wood smoke candle I've ever smelled."

Fill your home with the smell of a roaring campfire without the hassle, and order the Illume Woodfire scented candle while it's still on sale at Amazon today.

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