There are loads of solutions when it comes to dressing up bare walls: framed photographs or prints, abstract or realistic paintings, printed or painted canvases, even fabric stretched over a canvas or hung like a tapestry.

Updated April 13, 2018

Sherry and John Petersik of offer their advice on wall art displays and how to manageably organize kids' art projects.

Q: We have a living room with a cathedral ceiling. My husband wants several small picture frames above the couch, but the wall is so tall I think they'd get lost. I'd rather have a larger piece. Any ideas? --Kristen

John: Why not do both? Hang a large piece and several small pieces together in a fun configuration. One great trick to getting a feel for what looks good is to use kraft paper to create a few different frame sizes and arrangements on the wall without any nail holes or commitment. Just tape up your homemade paper templates in a variety of configurations to see what layout you both like best.

Sherry: IKEA and Target have a wide variety of affordable frames, and there are always deals to be found at thrift stores and garage sales (you can paint them if you don't like their original color). Play around with a few arrangement ideas that will add presence and fill in all of that volume above your sofa.

Q: My hubby wants to frame every single picture my daughter paints or draws. But no matter how much I would love to frame all her stuff, it's just too much and it's taking over the house. --Heather

Sherry: We recently discovered a new type of frame that's actually meant to showcase children's art (we got ours at Target for $15). The great thing about this hinged frame is that the front can be opened without taking it off the wall, so it can serve as a rotating gallery for all of that art (it even has a folder inside for corralling the other pieces you'd like to rotate in and out).

John: Another idea for creating an easy-to-rotate art gallery for your daughter would be to string twine between two wall hooks to create a clothesline "gallery" (clothespins are a charming way to attach each piece of art). You also can use magnetic paint on an accent wall to create a focal point full of art that can be hung with magnets and easily switched (creating an art zone will make the pictures feel organized and special, instead of haphazardly spread throughout the house).

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