Say good-bye to bare walls. With the help of pretty posters, world maps, fabulous botanical prints, and more, you can display vintage wall art in every room.

By Katie Bandurski

Turn dinnerware into a display by hanging small paintings behind stacks of dishes on open kitchen shelves. Floral prints in mismatched frames add texture and character to this white kitchen space.

2. Stairway Gallery

Eclectic animal paintings line this staircase to create a striking gallery wall. Mismatched frames keep the look rustic, but a similar painting style keeps things compatible. 

3. Color Coded

Vintage framed prints gain new life with a fresh coat of paint. Use painter's tape to protect portions of the picture and frame, then spray with your favorite color of spray paint. Play with different angles and colors, then group together for an eye-catching collection.

4. Size Up

Enormous artwork can be difficult to display without overpowering a space. This larger-than-life artwork is certainly the room's focal point, but an acrylic table and entryway accessories help break up its dominance. A pair of sconces adds symmetry.

5. On the Grid

Many gallery walls can end up looking cluttered and disarrayed, but this four-by-four grid of same-size prints garners major style points. For this look, a little math goes a long way. Use a measuring tape to find the center of the wall, then begin hanging art at equidistant points.

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6. Botanical Beauty

Turn a flea-market find into stunning wall art. Print floral images onto old book pages, then sew pages to a frayed linen mat. Hang in a row with simple clips.  

7. Photo Op

Large black-and-white fashion photos give a glam touch to any space. An asymmetrical arrangement on picture ledges against a charcoal-color wall adds dimension.

8. Poster Child

Framed vintage posters haphazardly hung along this staircase add color and personality. Just choose art with a common theme -- like the U.S. Armed Forces recruitment pieces featured in this space. 

9. '70s Inspiration

Bring decade-inspired artwork into a modern home for stylish contrast. This room's graphic burnt orange artwork and shag rug pay homage to the '70s, but a sleek leather couch and coat of white paint bring the space into the new age.

10. Map It Out

A large map propped on a mantel adds subtle color to this white room. Add a personal touch to a vintage world map by highlighting a specific country, state, or county. 

11. Back in Time

A rustic window frame showcases simple botanical prints that could have easily been ripped from a vintage gardening book. Flea market accessories like a typewriter, analog clock, and tarnished lamp take the charming living room corner back in time.

12. Natural Beauty

Hung above an old fireplace, these vintage landscape paintings complement the room's patinaed appearance. Fresh florals bridge the gap between artwork and decor.

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