Rustic Wall Decor Ideas

Rustic decorating doesn't require hours spent digging for secondhand treasures. It's easy to create rustic decor -- and rustic wall art, in particular -- at home using found objects, natural materials, or a bit of inventive new construction. These clever ideas will show you how to create rustic wall decor in no time.

Found Branches Make a Gnarly Statement

When standard four-sided art just won't do for a particular corner in your home, consider hanging a found branch. A couple of tiny finishing nails should do the trick, and within minutes, you'll be enjoying your completely custom, extra-creative rustic wall decor.

Frame Your Notes in Reclaimed Style

Creating art from scratch doesn't have to be daunting. Here, a piece of custom rustic wall decor was achieved simply by tying string across an empty vintage frame and clipping timeworn postcards to the line. The DIY decor takes less than 10 minutes to create but packs serious wow factor.

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Lasso Your Love for Rustic Design with Rope

Sweet sayings are all the rage when it comes to rustic wall decor, but what if you can't quite find the right shape or quote for you? Try making your own by repurposing old rope. To make your DIY rope art look extra rustic, try soaking the rope in a bucket of water for a week, and then let it dry outside before nailing to the wall.

All Signs Point to Rustic Design

Perhaps nothing represents rustic design better than battered vintage signs. But don't be discouraged if you can't find a cool antique sign to match your vision for your own home. It's easy to make one all by yourself with a wooden board, paint, and distressing tools, like sandpaper or rasps.

Hats Off to Practical Vintage Display

Interesting architectural salvage, chipped mirror frames, and peeling painted portraits are all easy ways to achieve rustic design at home, but don't overlook the collection of practical objects that you use on a daily basis. A grouping of straw hats, for example, can be displayed loudly and proudly as utilitarian rustic wall decor thanks to their unified natural texture.

Nail the Rustic Gallery Wall

With gallery walls taking over the design scene, it can be difficult to make this trendy concept your own. If a farmhouse aesthetic speaks to you, try grouping a collection of cracked antique signs and old found pieces of wood together on the wall. The worn quality of each results in a cohesive, one-of-a-kind gallery wall.

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No-Chimney-Required Mantel

Whether you're renting or simply without a fireplace in your home, you don't have to be without a mantel. Vintage, reclaimed mantels are easy to snag from salvage stores and can be situated against any wall in your house for instant rustic character.

Open the Door to Vintage Possibilities

Although ready-made wall hook options are easy to find at big-box stores, it's rewarding to instead take a weekend to scour your local antiques mall for rustic door and drawer fronts. When hung on the wall, the exposed drawer pulls make excellent storage for hats and scarves that serves double duty as rustic wall decor.

Make Metal Work Overtime

Wood isn't the only material that you can manipulate when styling a rustic aesthetic. Raw metal gets the point across in a flash, so consider adding accents like these wall-mount metal storage baskets to your walls. They serve two purposes: first, as rustic texture and, second, as practical storage.

Weathered Letters Spell Vintage Charm

If you ever stumble upon a set of cool, patinaed letters at an antiques store, don't leave them behind -- even if they don't spell your name or initials! A mismatched, random collection of typeface or old letters looks cool and collected when displayed in a rustic grouping on a shelf.

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Repetition Serves Up Extra Style

Repeating shapes and silhouettes is a time-honored design trick that anyone can employ for maximum visual effect. If rustic style is what you're after in particular, try mounting groups of like objects such as vintage plates or taxidermy for rustic wall decor that makes a statement.

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Who is the fairest of them all? You be the judge! Rustic mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so scout your local flea market for interesting options that feature that telltale weathered look. To rusticate a new mirror, just rub sandpaper on the painted-wood frame. Once it's roughed up a bit, the mirror will take on that farmhouse personality you love.

Rustic Maps Mark the Spot

Old maps are a surefire way to give your space old-timey grace. If vintage maps aren't available, try soaking a new map in a bucket of coffee or steeped tea. Don't forget to also pay attention to your framing. Here, raw wood frames easily exude rustic charm.

Reimagine Classic Architectural Details

When one describes rustic design, it's not long before a list of architectural details, such as exposed beams, window mullions and moldings, is named. Happily, even if you live in a cookie-cutter rental, you can still put rustic architecture to use. Purchase pieces -- like this interesting wood-and-metal card display -- from your local salvage yard and lean or hang them in your home as interesting rustic focal points.

Punch Things Up with Tin Texture

Tin ceilings have long been popular in rustic design, and now you can put the material to use as rustic wall decor in your modern home. Simply nail a strip of antique weathered tin over a bed or sofa for instant, budget-friendly impact.


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